An Eastern Flavour!

This is the second large group photo we have posted in our "Who, When and Where" column in recent weeks.  This time we have 48 people in the photo, and once again, no prize for guessing which Division it is.  But can you tell us who is in it and when it was taken?  

We are publishing some of these large photos because it gradually becomes more and more difficult to identify our old friends and colleagues with the passage of time.  As quite often happens with larger groups,  the rows are not neatly separated so we have done our best to number each person and would ask that you bear in mind that the back two rows are being listed as one.  We have also  provided three blow-ups to assist you in picking out just who is who,

Front Row -   1. ________  2 _______ 3 _______ 4_______ 5 _______ 6 _______ 7 _______ 8 _______
9 _______  10 _______  11 _______
2nd Row  -  12 _______  13 _______  14 _______ 15 _______ 16 _______ 17 _______ 18 _______
19 _______ 20 _______ 21 _______ 22 _______ 23 _______ 24 _______
Third Row -  25 _______ 26 _______ 27 _______ 28 _______ 29 _______ 30 _______ 31 _______ 32 _______ 33 _______
Back Rows -  34 _______ 35 _______ 36 _______ 37 _______ 38 _______ 39 _______ 40 _______ 41 _______
42 _______ 43 _______ 44 _______ 45 _______ 46 _______ 47 _______ 48 _______

Blow-up 1

Bottom Row -  1 Brian Flook,  2 Crawford Rae, 3 Arthur Headley Bean, 4 Dudley Swan,
2nd Row  12  John Williams,  13  Earl Kirby,  14  Ralph Furbert, 15  Eddie Edwards,  16 Ian Kittle
3rd Row -  25  Donald Grant,  26  Peter Giles,  27 Lenny Crichton
Back Rows -                                         34 Volney Welch,  35 Dave Gillespie,  36  Lennox "Lenny" Alvis
Blow-up 2 
Bottom Row -  5 Harold Moniz, 6  Alf Morris, 7 Clive Donald
2nd Row  17 Alan Pugh, 18  George Babb, 19  Wilbur McLean, 20 Leroy Jones
3rd Row  28  Colin Griffiths,  29 Don Urquart,  30 Chris Pearce 31  John Hayward
Back rows  37 Donald Friend,  38 Dave Shakeshaft,  39 Vendon Archer  40  Pete Shaw, 41 Ben Alexander, 42 Kenville Savoury
Blow-up 3
Bottom Row -  8 Custerfied Crockwell,  9  Malcolm Hinds,  10 Dave Ashurst, 11  John "Rigor" Morris
Second Row   21  Sharman Marcus,  22 Roger Stovell  23  Lynn Adams,  24 Vaughan Stovell,
Third Row  32 Gary Dennis Cruickshank 33  Alex MacDonald
Back Rows  43 Brian Robinson (partially obscured)  44  Robert "Bob" Lambshead,  45  Terry Perry,  46 Chris (Jones) Terry,  47 Clancy Milas Charles, 48  Mervin Dickinson
16th February 2014
We received the following from Brian Robinson which might be helpful:-
These are my idea's
#27 Lenny Crichton
30 u/k
37 is Chris COX not Don Friend
42 u/k
22 Leon Fubler?
32      Crickshank?
43 Brian Robinson
46 Chris Jones  he changed his name later on.
also I think Alex MacDonald is wrong looks like Stuart Kirkpatrick
Editors note  -  Re Brian's suggestion that #32 might be Crickshank.  Our records indicate that we had a Gary Dennis Cruichshank (that's the way it's spelled in the record) in the Service. Can anyone confirm if it is P.C. Cruichshank?  We are trying to contact Alex MacDonald re being #33.  Any further comments on Brian's input? 
28th February 2014  -  
We have been in touch with Franz Williams to check if he is #27 but Franz said it's definitely not him.   Brian Robinson has confirmed that he is definitely #43 (partially obscured). 
At this point we have no suggestions for #27 and #30.  And we would like confirmation on #22 Leon Fubler, 32 Gary Cruickshank,  42 Desmond Waite, and 46 Chris Jones.
3rd March 2014
We have no been in touch with Devonish Small who still works in Eastern Division, and who has been very helpful. He confirms that #34 is not Devonish but is Volney Welch.  Devonish also believes that #27 is Lenny Crichton,  #22 is Roger Stovell (Vaughan's brother), #46 is definitely Christopher (Jones) Terry, and #42 is probably Kenville Savoury.
If Devonish is correct with his information, and we believe that he is, then we had just two names left.  No-one has yet put a name to #30, but George Babb has just confirmed that  # 32 is Gary Dennis Cruickshank.  So we are down to just the one.
5th March 2014
George Babb has just confirmed that #32 is Gary Cruickshank.  
24th April 2014
Although there was some confusion about whether #30 was Chris Pearce or Dave King,  we have now resolved the issue after receiving an email from Jo Pearce who, in addition to identifying her husband earlier,  has now explained that Chris briefly went through a moustache phase which appears to have caused the confusion as to whether or not  #30 was him due to the fact that no-one could rceall him having a moustache.  
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#75 boblambshead 2014-05-17 14:17
I have an older St George's photo taken in 1978. I will have a go at sending it in.

Editors note - Thanks Bob. Any chance you could also write an article for our Then and Now column about your 7 years in Bermuda, and in the meantime drop us a line at and let us know where you are and what you are doing these days, together with a fairly recent photo
#74 boblambshead 2014-05-17 14:11
Dave Hobbs had left by then
#73 Jo pearce 2014-04-24 05:57
Just to confirm Chris has admitted that no 30 is him, it's when he went through a moustache faze, thankfully it didn't last long.

Editors note - Many thanks to Jo for obtaining the 'confession' from her husband Chris about his moustache faze which rather confused some of our readers who could not remember him ever having a moustache!

It would seem that we have now successfully identified everyone in this photo.
#72 Davie Kerr 2014-03-30 08:25
Dave Hobbs was mates with Bob Lambshead who's in the photo, and with whom I'm in contact. Personally I don't think 30 is Dave, but I'll ask Bob: 10-3.
Oh, and on the subject of Kings in the job, I believe a Scot called Colin King still serves...
#71 Don Urquhart 2014-03-30 01:01
Quoting Davie Kerr:
I don't remember Chris having a tash which is why I still go for Dave King, but, if Jo says it's Chris, I'll settle for that…

Editors note - OMG We thought this was settled but it;'s getting even more complicated. I wonder if Jo can show the photo to Chris and obtain his opinion!!!

Folks, I again mention Dave Hobbs, as I recall him in Eastern Division about then, he is not listed anywhere else in the photo (admittedly he could have been on leave) I agree Chris Pearce is the favourite and if his wife confirms it, so be it. Hot and steamy in the Gulf of Thailand, I retired from the NSW Police two weeks ago, 20 years service, the Bermuda Police got a mention at my farewell. Don U
#70 Davie Kerr 2014-03-29 09:04
I don't remember Chris having a tash which is why I still go for Dave King, but, if Jo says it's Chris, I'll settle for that…

Editors note - OMG We thought this was settled but it;'s getting even more complicated. I wonder if Jo can show the photo to Chris and obtain his opinion!!!
#69 Don Urquhart 2014-03-28 23:12
I have had another look at this and whilst I dont want to contradict Chris's wife or my earlier comments, I now think number 30 could be Dave Hobbs, I know he was working in Eastern Division at the time, he went back to the UK in I think 1980 to join Thames valley police, my uncle was their medical officer and recalled him, loathe as I am to re-open the debate, any comments?
#68 Don Urquhart 2014-03-28 22:53
I will second that, now all is clear, even though he was standing next to me when the photo, I recall that he was a Parish Constable at the time, Don Urquhart (from a beach resort in Thailand) enroute to uk for a spell. :-)

Editors note - Thanks for confirming this information Don. Let us know how you are doing on your trip.
#67 Jo Pearce 2014-03-28 08:01
Think no 30 is looking like my husband Chris Pearce, doesn't look like that now but it's him I hope..don't let on to him if it's not….

Editors note - Thanks Jo. I think we should take your word that it's Chris unless anyone out there is certain that it's not him!
#66 Davie Kerr 2014-03-20 16:56
Come on team: SOMEone's got to know who #30 is. We can't leave it like this!

Editors note - Agreed.

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