Training School in the Mid-sixties

This photo was clearly a group of fresh faced young recruits (along with their instructors) in Training School dating back to the mid 1960’s, and we figures there should not be a problem identifying everyone in it.  It is of course a group in Training School between March and May 1967, and we have not only been able to identiify those present, thanks to Davie Kerr and Stan Hill but Stan  has also mentioned two instructors who were not present when this photo was taken.

Training School Group  -  1967
Back Row (l-r)  Hoskins Caddle, Cleveland Foggo,  Cosbert Cumberbatch  Bryant Richards, 
Carl Beckles, Clayton Carter, Frederick Beach (deceased
Front Row - Cadet Larry Smith, Malcolm Hinds, Sgt Cafferky, Chief Insp Roy Chandler,
Sgt Mike Kelly, Reese Bartley , Stanley Hill.   
Missing; Neville Darrell (Self Defence Instructor),  and John Bailey (Lifesaving Instructor)  
7th February 2014
We received this email message from Stanley Hill in Melbourne, Australia:-
The photo was taken outside Training School, (Clock Tower) during new recruits training between March and May 1967.  Back Row (l-r)  are Hoskins Caddle, Cleveland Foggo,  Cosbert Cumberbatch  Bryant Richards, Carl Beckles, Clayton Carter, and Frederick Beach (deceased).  Front Row - Cadet Larry Smith, Malcolm Hinds, Sgt Cafferky, Chief Insp Roy Chandler, Sgt Mike Kelly, Reese Bartley , Stanley Hill.   Missing are  Neville Darrell (Self Defence Instructor),  and John Bailey (Lifesaving Instructor).

Stan added:- "Just to let you know, I am doing well living in Australia. Still married to Hilary and we now have 3 grandchildren. I don't know why I didn't move before. We have seen Ray Sousa and Dave Kerr who both visited Melbourne for a day. There are quite a few other ex-Officers in Aussie but have not made contact yet. If anyone is heading this way please give me a call when you get to Melbourne.  

Best to you all.

PS Sorry to hear about Lyn Hall. (See Latest News)

Editors note  - Stan has  provided us with both his telephone number and email address in Melbourne.  We have a policy of not publishing such details on the website but we are happy to pass them on to any of our former colleagues who are planning on visiting Melbourne.



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#4 Davie Kerr 2014-02-10 16:21
Yes Terry, Fred Beach (173, as I recall).....
#3 Terry 2014-02-05 16:34
Fred Beach?
#2 Davie Kerr 2014-02-05 08:30
OK, I'll put my neck on the block again:
Back row from L:- Hoskins Caddle, Clevie Foggo, Cosbert Cumberbatch, Bryant Richards, Carl Beckles, Clay Carter, Fred Beach.
Front row from L:- Larry Smith, Malcolm Hinds, John Cafferkey, Roy Chandler, Mike Kelly, Reece Bartley, Stan Hill.
Stan & his wife Hilary are just outside Melbourne, Oz: I visited them during my trip last year, and they're both in good nick!

Editors note - Looks good to me Davie. Perhaps we can get Reese, Larry and Stan Hill to confirm.
#1 Terry 2014-02-03 13:34
Worked with them all.
Some are deceased but many are in the four corners of the world.

And yes I know them all and can name them.

Let others enjoy figuring them out.


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