Ten Uniformed Police Officers

This photo was provided to us by the son of one of the officers sitting on the front row – Sergeant Douglas "Red" Hebberd.  We have had a few problems identifying some of the men although we believe we have at least 8 out of 10 as listed in the photo caption below.  There were several suggestions as to the identity of the officer on the back row left, immediately behind Ken Morris,  but we are now sure that it is Robert "Bob" Smith who went on to become Head of Security at the Southampton Princess for many years.  We have so far not been able to identify the officer on the back row between Sean Sheehan and Melvin Dickinson.  Dudley Proctor, who is in the photo 2nd from left on the front row, has a copy of this photo and he believes that the officer on the right end of front row was named Frank.  It is probably Frank Robinson but we would prefer someone to confirm this. *

Regarding where and when the photo was taken and why, we believe it was taken in front of the Police Recreation Club before it was renovated, and that it was a group attending a Refresher Course.  The most likely date is June 1958 because Sean Sheehan's record indicates that he attended a course at that time.  "Red" Hebbard was a Sergeant from 1956 - 1960 and Melvin Dickinson left the Force in 1962 after serving for 10 years.

*  19th November 2014  -  With regard to identifying P.C. Frank  Robinson,  we were delighted to hear from his son Adam Robinson who wrote to us on 14/11/14 to confirmed that it is definitely his father Frank.  Adam and his brother  Mark are also keen to hear from anyone who knew Frank and who might be able to provide any further interesting information about him.

19th November 2014  -  We have just heard from former P.C. John McCulloch wrote the following:-

"I remember Frank well.   He arrived in Bermuda shortly after me; we didn't work together as I was at Somerset and he was at Hamilton.   He came to my wedding reception at the old Police Mess (before Prospect).
John McCulloch (112)

Refresher Course circa 1958 taken at Police Recreation Club
Top row (l-r)  Robert "Bob" Smith, Alec Smith (Dog Handler)
Sean Sheehan, *Possibly Eric Simpson, Melvin Dickinson
Seated  -  Ken Morris, Dudley Proctor, Sgt Doug "Red" Hebberd,
Carl Maybury, and Frank Robinson
*  We have reveived information indirectly from Bob Smith to say that this is Eric Simpson

18th November 2014

Editor's note  -  Several guys have suggested that the officer at top row right might be Lawrence "Mincy" Rawlins, but we have checked with "Mincy" who says it is definitely not him.  He is also sure that this photo was taken at Prospect, not in Somerset, and he also believes that the officer at top left above Ken Morris is Bob Smith who spent many years working at the Southampton Princess after leaving the Force.

 21st November 2014

Editor's note  -  Although there was some question about whether the above photo was taken outside Somerset Police Station or at Prospect, we have checked our archives and found several group photos that were clearly taken in front of the PRC before it underwent renovations to enclose the front patio.  The pillars, doors and windows are identical to those in the background on the above photo.   For example the photo below was taken circa 1955 of Bermuda Police Officers and Sergeants in front of the same verandah and it also show the large palm tree that would not have been planted in front of Somerset Police Station.  

If anyone would like to identify the police officers in this second photo please feel free to do so.  Three people who may be able to assist are Tony Saunders (top row left) , Howard Dill (top row 3rd from right) and John Cafferky (top row 2nd from right).

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#24 Michael W Johnson 2019-08-07 19:08
Could you put me in touch with Adam Robinson? A search of officers both living and deceased does not show Frank Robinson? (Is there a third choice?)

Editors note - Many thanks for writing to us Michael. Will try to forward your request on to Adam Robinson if he still has the same email address.

I didn't include Frank Robinson on our list of former colleagues who have died because never received any official optice that he was no longer with us although that is clearly the case, Will add him to the list after checking to see if I can contact Adam.
#23 Adam robinson 2014-11-14 18:06

Yes that is definitely Frank Robinson and if anyone can remember him it would mean so much if you could contact me


Adam robinson (Franks son)

Editors note - Adam has provided us with his email address if anyone would like to contact him directly. Our recrods show that Frank joined the Bermuda Police in 1956 and was promoted to Sgt before leaving in 1962. We would be pleased to hear from anyone who served with Frank.
#22 Mike Burke 2014-04-10 16:45
Refresher course photo: Yes, Ernie is
correct, that's me in back row, 2nd right and it is definitely Frank Robinson front row, far right. Regards to Ernie.
#21 Terry 2014-01-05 15:47
What you smoking Ernie.
#20 Ernie McCreight 2014-01-02 21:32
Back Row second front right is Mike 'mother'Burke.
#19 Terry 2013-12-24 13:19
Officer top left in photo facing after much thought looks like Neville Darrell.
Merry Christmas.

Many thanks Terry. Several people have identified this officer as Bob Smith who later worked at the Southamptpn Princess at a seniuor security officer. Will try to confirm who it is and will let you know.
Have a great Christmas
#18 John McCulloch 2013-12-11 04:29
I was a contemporary of these officers, from June 1956 to December 1959, having to return home because of asthma.
I should be delighted to be added to your list of former members of the service.

Editors note - Great to hear from you John. We are delighted to add you to our list of former members of the service. Any chance that you could write some notes for an article in our "Then and Now" column along with a few photos of your time in Bermuda?
#17 mike cherry 2013-12-06 21:56
Second from left top row is Alec Smith
#16 mike cherry 2013-12-05 10:02
The officer second from left back row between Bob Shirley Smith and Saean Sheehan is Alec Smith who was one of the first dog handlers on the Force (nor counting Pete Wilson and "Trusty") and he also played some rugby.
He married a local girl Margo Cox, but after divorce moved to the USA out west.
The guy bottom right seated I believe to be Dereck Selby.

Editors note - Thanks Mike. Dudley Proctor was also sure that it is Alec Smith next to Bob Smith, but what about the guy standing between Sean Sheehan and Melvin Dickinson. Can anyone assist?
#15 Phil Taylor 2013-12-03 13:00
I frequently see Dudley in 'The Spot' and I have been taking a copy of the first photo with me, but he has gone missing. I will persevere and hopefully get a full listing of the group and advise you accordingly.

Editors note - Many thanks Phil. Have just spoken with Dudley Proctor be phone. He had a fall yesterday and is out of action for a couple of days with a slight knee injury (fortunately, not serious). While on the phone he remembered having a copy of the photo and he thinks it was taken during a Refresher Course at Prospect. According to the records he attended several courses but I believe it was probably one held from 6th - 18th August 1962 because Melvin Dickinson, who is definitely in the photo, left the Force in December 1962.

Dudley remembers the following:- Top row (l-r) Bob Smith, possibly P.C. Smith (could this be P.C. Alec Smith who served from 1956 - 1963?) , Sean Sheehan, Melvin Dickinson. Bottom row - Ken Morris, Dudley Proctor, Doug "Red" Hebberd, Carl Maybury, Frank ? (this could be Frank Robinson who was born in March 1934).

Would anyone know the present whereabouts of Bob Smith who worked for many years at the Southampton Princess after leaving the Police Force? He may be able to assist in identifying the two men we are not sure about.

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