First Bermuda Police Hockey Team

We had an excellent response to this photo which is of the first Bermuda Police Hockey Team. The photo was kindly supplied by Dave Garland who had captioned it with all the information we needed, but within 24 hours we had heard from two other members of the team, Connell McBurnie and Jim Woodward, both of who now live in Canada, along with Terry Cabral who quickly recognized several of the players who who still serving in the Force when he joined as a young cadet.

First Bermuda Police Hockey Team - March 1962 - at Royal Naval Field
Standinf (l-r)  Sid Ruberry (referee - not a policeman),  Tim Willis, Trevor Langan,
Connell McBernie (Captain), Jim Cornes (PRC member), and Tony Harper.
Kneeling  -  Mike Kelly, Colin Chiswell, Dave Garland, Graham Lynn,
George Goddard, and James "Jim" Woodward

16th November 

Reply from Jim Woodward

Back row (l-r)   Sid Ruberry (Referee), Tim Willis, ?  Connell McBurnie, Jim Cornes, Tony Harper.
Front row - Mike Kelly,  ? (forgotten his name but he was the quiet one), Graham Lynn, George Goddard, E.J.W (Captain)

Where - I think R.N. Field (not Dockyard) When - 1961 and Why - Good question !!!!


Reply from Connell McBurnie 

I feel that I can help with some of the names because I started the Bermuda Police Field Hockey Team.    I played for the Bermuda Team in the USA in 1961 and 1962.   This is the picture taken in 1962 of the Police Team before its first game.

Back row (l-r)   Name unknown (Head of the Bermuda Field Hockey Association), No.2…………. No.3 Trevor Langan.  No.4 Connell McBurnie (Captain)  No.4 Jim Cornes (PRC Member)  No.5 Tony Harper.
Front Row.   No.1…………  No2. Colin Chiswell,  No.3  Dave Garland, No4……………No.5……………No.6 Sgt. Jim Woodword.

The picture was taken at the Field Hockey Ground in Somerset.   My memory is not as good as it once was, but hope this is of some help.      

Editors Note  -  Wow. That was quick!  Within 24 hours Terry Cabral has successfully identified Tim Willis, Mike Kelly and James "Jim" Woodward,  while Jim Woodward has picked out Sid Ruberry (referee) Connell McBurnie, Jim Cornes, Tony Harper, Graham Lynn and George Goddard.  We have also heard from Connell McBurnie who was captain of the team and also played for the Bermuda Team in the USA in 1961 and 1962.  In addition to the above names Connell has correctly identified Trevor Langan, Colin Chiswell and Dave Garland.

Connell has also been able to recall when the photo was taken, that is, in 1962 (in March to be precise) at what was then known as the Royal Navy Field.

Davie Kerr has often asked about the first Bermuda Police Hockey Team  - and this is it!  Dave Garland kindly provided us with the photo which he had very smartly captioned in 1962.  In addition to recording all of the names, Dave also noted that the match was played against Sandys Boat Club and the final score was 1 - 1.

Many thanks to all concerned. If you have a photo that you think might be suitable for our "Who, When and Where" column please don't hesitate to send it to us via email.


17th November

Reply from Dave Garland who had supplied us with this photograph

Moresby Plain is the field before you reach the Dockyard. It was the area where they quarried and cut the stone for building Dockyard. Royal Navy Field is in Somerset village on Middle Rd opposite the supermarket and gas station.

Connell Mc Burnie was the organizer of the team and Captain. He, myself and Graham Lynne played for for Bermuda in 1971 at the Westchester Country Club when we won the Connecticut Cup, the only time Bermuda did.


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#7 Davie Kerr 2013-11-18 11:56
I note with interest Dave Garland's comments on winning the Connecticut Cup, but I have to assume he means 1961 and not 1971, as I was playing by then.
The Connecticut Cup was played for between Bermuda and the New York Privateers (Bermuda's oldest friends and rivals on the hockey field), and was played for every Autumn when we went up there. The corresponding trophy that was played for every Easter in Bermuda was the Percy Ashton Trophy, and I think I'm right in saying that, by the time this home-and-away series finally ended about 35 years after its inception in I believe 1956, Bermuda held (and therefore still holds) both trophies.
#6 Davie Kerr 2013-11-17 14:23
Roger, I promise I'll put something together for you in due course, but I have other commitments which unfortunately take precedence!

Editors note - Thanks Davie. I'm sure we will all look forward to your article.
#5 Terry 2013-11-17 11:09
Also known as Moresby Plains after Capt. John Morseby (later Admiral.
Morseby left Bermuda in 1881 after a three year stint.
Forced labor was use to build the field and the first sailors home.
I imagine this team was playing against the Royal Navy whom at this time were there in large numbers back then at Malabar.

A great day to all.

Editors note - many thanks Terry. That's a fascinating piece of history. Now you mention it I can also remember the field being know as Morseby Plain back in the 1960's.

Re the opponents that day, Dave Garland provided us with the photo and he had recorded information on the back of the photo, including all of the names, together with the result. The match was against Sandys Boat Club and the result was a 1-1 draw.
#4 Davie Kerr 2013-11-17 07:55
Very interested to see that photo, as I'd heard rumours of a Police hockey team in the late '50s-early '60s but had been unable to find any written proof thereof.
The Police hockey team in its present form was re-constituted at Christmas '71 when someone (believed but not guaranteed to be PRC associate member and musician extraordinaire Bill Somerville) had the bright idea of having a friendly game against the KEMH nurses: we won that game (5-1 if I remember correctly), and things just sort of took off from there.
Rather than take up a lot of space here, I'll e-mail you directly on "info".

Editors note - Many thanks Davie. We had heard of your interest in knowing when the first Police hockey team was formed. It would be great to have an article (for the Interesting Articles column) about the history of the Police Hockey Team, complete with photos that people could add to if they were involved. Any volunteers Davie ?!!!
#3 Terry 2013-11-16 21:04
Yes they are both the same.
There is another name but it justs slips my mind right now.
It will come to me.
Great weekend everyone.
#2 Terry 2013-11-16 15:00
As for the venue........
Looks like Malabar.
Doubt if the center guy is wearing the shirt of the best hockey players Bermuda ever had....."P.R.C.'
Portugese Racket Ball Club............….

Editors note - I believe the Royal Naval Field and Malabar Field are one and the same. Can anyone confirm that please?
#1 Terry 2013-11-16 12:35
Well I see Mike Kelly front row on the left.
Tim Willis back row second on left and...
James 'Jimmy' Woodward front row kneeling on the right.

And I believe Mike Caulkett right back row.

I want to say Ian Scotland next to Jimmy.....but we all have twins.

Editors note - Well done Terry with your first three. It's not Mike Caulkett on the right on the back row. This was taken well before Mike's time - and yours and mine. Have received some input via email from a couple of the guys who were there and will post their answers ASAP.

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