How about this group to challenge your memory?!

This has to be the largest group photo we have ever featured on our website, and we said we would be astounded if we were able to identify everyone in it. To start with we wanted to know what was the occasion for this group to get together,  when was it taken and who is in it?  In order to make it a little easier to view on the website we showed you the main photo first, followed by two close-ups.  

With assistance from George Rose and Andy Bermingham and yours truly we have been able to identify most of the people in this photograph, with just a few exceptions.  These are listed below, but we still have a ways to go before saying that we have accounted for everyone.  Please contact us if you think you may be able to assist with those who have not yet been identified.

Who, Where and When

Group 1

Group 2

This is believed to have been taken at the 110th Anniversary of Bermuda Police in 1989.  
We know that Commissioner of Police, Fred Bean, hosted a large group of retirees to a luncheon
at the Police Recreation Club on Friday 6th October that year but this group differs slightly
from that event held in October because some people are dressed differently, and the latter
event was attended by Lord Waddington rather than the Deputy Governor.  We hope to clear up
this anomaly, but in the meantime see if you can assist in identifying those persons who are listed in blue.

Back Row (l-r) -   Stuart Lambert, Bill “Spider” McKenzie, Dennis Ramsay, Peter Stubbs, Dudley Swan, Harry Lister, Sony Roberts, Gladwin “Doc” Hall, Jim McMaster, Ernie Moniz, Hubert Swan, John Marshall, Lynn Hall.

Next row down - Campbell Simons, Alan Bissell (rather hidden) Dennis Brookes, Andy Maule, Jeff Payne, Tim Willis, Unknown (partly hidden), Westmore Bean, Leon Bean, Hilton Wingood, “Bongo” Williams, Jack “Tug” Wilson, Derek Taylor, Unknown partly hidden man, Howard Dill, Derek Fletcher.

Next row down (two blended rows) - Gertie Barker, June Dickinson, Howard Mitchell, Lady in brown dress, Mel Gibbons, Man wearing glasses, Brian Malpass, Lady in red, grey and white striped dress, Man in grey suit, Mrs Kenny (first name?) Roberts, Lady in purple dress, Leslie Waddell,   Marion McNiven, Dave Chew, Mrs Tom Doyle or Mrs Oliver Trott, Neil Cox, Lady with white top and blue belt, Short man with red jacket, Reg Brown’s wife - first name, Vernon Jackson, Partly hidden man, Winifred Saunders, Bill Bryan, Douglas “Red” Hebberd, Gwyneth Nixon, John Dale?, Derek Jenkinson, Carola Farrell, Jeff Sanders.

Front Row -   Alex Forbes, Wayne Perinchief, Laurie Jackson, Harold Moniz, Minister of Home Affairs John Irving Pearman, COP Fred Bean, Deputy Governor John Kelly, L.M. “Nobby” Clark, Lenny Edwards, Florence Down, Andy Bermingham, and George Rose.


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#10 Phil Taylor 2013-06-18 13:56
The Gentleman between Mel Gibbons and Brian Malpas, is he the perennial uniform wearer, I believe that he was in the reserves and any other organization that issued uniforms. I believe he is/was a Mr. Woods. Also, the guy between Howard Dill and Fletch, could it be a Mr. Marshall who I think went to work for the Immigration Dept?
#9 Terry 2013-06-16 10:44
Next to Lynn Hall is John Marshall my deceased cousin.

Editors note - We believe that John was the first officer in charge of the Traffic Department. He was also the person to whom Harry Sousa confessed to the Stapleton murder on the night before Sousa was executed, and after he had escaped from the condemned man's cell at Hamilton Gaol.
#8 Terry 2013-06-01 14:21
Next to Peter stubbs is ...."Cuddley Dudley....Capta in Kerr.
Otherwise not bad for a Scot.
A blessed day to all.
#7 Davie Kerr 2013-05-30 05:42
Group 2, front from L:- "Penny" Bean, Gov or Dep Gov at the time, Leroy "Nobby" Clarke, Lenny Edwards, don't know, Andy Bermingham, George Rose. 2nd row from L:- Marion McNiven?, don't know, don't know, Mary Brown?, don't know, don't know, Carola Farrell?. 3rd row from L:- Les Waddell, Dave Chew, Neil Cox, don't know, Doc Hall's twin brother?, don't know, Bill Bryan, Doug "Red" Hebberd, looks like John Dale although I don't think it can be, Derek Jenkinson, Jeff Sanders. The rest, from L:- "Sonny" Roberts, "Jellybean" Wingood, "Doc" Hall, "Bongo" Williams?, don't know, Jim McMaster, Derek Taylor? Ernie Moniz, Hubert Swan? don't know, Howard Dill?, don't know, Derek Fletcher, Lynn Hall?. No guarantee that all those are correct, but that's the best I can do offhand!

Excellent effort Davie.
#6 Davie Kerr 2013-05-30 05:30
WHERE? Yes, obviously on the PRC patio.
WHEN? Around 1980 at a guess, just before Nobby retired and Penny took over.
WHY? Possibly for the Police Centennial in '79?
WHO? Now you're asking! However, here goes. Group 1, front from L:- Alex Forbes, Wayne Perinchief, Laurie Jackson, Harold Moniz, Clive Donald, J Irving Pearman MP, Frederick "Penny" Bean. 2nd row from L:- Gertie Barker, June Dickenson, don't know, Michelle Simons?, don't know, don't know, Marion McNiven?. 3rd row from L:- Campbell Simons, Denis Brookes, Howard Mitchell in red jacket, Mel Gibbons, don't know, Brian Malpas, Sinclair Bean, Westmore Bean, Les Waddell, Dave Chew.
The rest from L:- I'll accept Alan Bissell!, Stuart Lambert, Andy Maule, Bill "Spider" Mackenzie, Jeff Payne, Dennis Ramsay, Tim Willis, Peter Stubbs, don't know, don't know, Alan "Harry" Lister, Leon Bean, Anthony "Sonny" Roberts, Hilton "Jellybean" Wingood, Gladwyn "Doc" Hall, Charlie "Bongo" Williams?.

Good one Davie. We know a few more but will give others a chance before adding these to the list.
#5 Terry 2013-05-29 13:04
Quoting Phil Taylor:
The person behind June, could it be Alan 'Bex' Bissell?

Editors note - Spot on Phil. That HAS to be Alan Bissell.

Now were getting somewhere...... ..............
#4 Phil Taylor 2013-05-28 13:45
The person behind June, could it be Alan 'Bex' Bissell?

Editors note - Spot on Phil. That HAS to be Alan Bissell.
#3 Terry 2013-05-27 13:14
Quoting Terry:
Not to burst your bubble Roger but I can name them all.

"We would be surprised if anyone can name all of those present".
Have a blessed day.

Editor's note - Please go ahead and burst my bubble.

Not out to burst bubbles Roger. Lighten up too jest.
I shall wait and see what other comments are made.
I am sure Dave Ashurst et all are out there going through old Magazines and chatting over a few cold ones. That's good because at least they have the opportunity to gather, reflect and come up with names et al.
Have a pleseant day. I have a few more bricks to lay on the patio and then it will be beer time.
A blessed day to all.
#2 Terry 2013-05-26 18:39
Not to burst your bubble Roger but I can name them all.

"We would be surprised if anyone can name all of those present".
Have a blessed day.

Editor's note - Please go ahead and burst my bubble.
#1 Terry 2013-05-26 18:12
Well one clue is it was at the PRC.
When it was taken? No clue except that a few have passed.

I am sure it was a photo of retired officers as I see Commissioners and Sergeants and wives of deceased.

As for names well I am sure Roger will say 'why can't you name them all'
I can except for the person behind June.
So where were we.

Editors Note - We would be surprised if anyone can name all of those present, but there are some great characters in this photo who were outstanding police officers. By all means get us started Terry and I'll chip in with those I can identify. We do NOT have an accurate list so any assistance would be much appreciated.

Oh yeah. I served with all of them except one.

A great day to all.

Must admit I never say George Rose in Uniform but then again that's another story.

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