Murder Squad Team - September 1971


Here is our best effort to name everyone in this photograph as of 24th August 2010
(l-r) Dai Thomas, Keith Dunmore, Steve Dunleavy, Stuart Holmes, Frank “Gruff” Hammond, Carol Holdipp,
Joe Colton, Aideen Forde/Fletcher, John Mulholland,  Bill Wright  from Scotland Yard) Gwylan Willams,
Verbina Daniels COP George Duckett, Lenny Edwards, (hidden face ?),  Tom Cassin, Ian Ganson, Carlton Adams,
George Rose, Andy Lavery, Ralph Saints?, Norrie Galbraith, Orson Daisley,  and Basil Haddrell from Scotland Yard.

If you can assist in identifying the men and women in this photo, and also where, when and why it was taken please send your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are grateful to George Rose for providing us with this photograph and for providing the following information about it:-

This group photo relates to the CID team who investigated the sexual assault and murder of Royal Gazette reporter Jean Burrows during the early hours of Saturday 3rd July 1971. Her naked body was found in the water adjacent to Pomander Road, Paget.
Scotland Yard officers Detective Chief Superintendent Bill Wright and Detective Sergeant Basil Haddrell arrived in Bermuda on Wednesday 28 July 1971 to help local Police in the inquiries. Local officers travelled to Nassau County, New York to pursue one line of inquiry in this case and were able to eliminate a foreign born crewmember of a yacht which made a hasty departure from its berth at the nearby RHADC on the morning of the discovery.
Paul Augustus Belvin (27) was later arrested and charged with the rape and murder. He was subsequently found guilty in Supreme Court.
This photo consisting of most of the murder team members was taken at Police Headquarters on or about Monday 6th September 1971 shortly after Belvin had been formally charged and remanded in custody. The team was still together at this point before being dismantled as is customary  leaving a skeleton crew to mop up and prepare the court files.
Most of the officers and civilian staff are easily recognizable. The officer positioned as fourth from the left in the rear between Steve Dunleavy and D.Supt Frank Hammond is believed to be then Bermuda policeman Stuart? Holmes.  Ds Haddrell is located at the extreme right and D.Supt Wright is seen at center between the ladies.
The entire investigation was run from the tin shed directly behind SOCO.
Police witnesses scheduled to give evidence at trial were:
Pc Colin MacDonald, Ps Thomas Cassin, Dc Paul Farrell, Dc Ronald Wallace, Pc Gwylan Williams, DCI John Sheehy, Ds Basil Haddrell, Pc Robert Allan, Ps Cannoth Roberts,  Supt. Francis Hammond,
Ps John Mulholland, Pc Ian Ganson, Dc Albert Dowling, Dc Raymond Sousa, Chief Superintendent William Wright, Pc Andrew Lavery, Ds Calvin Christopher, Ds George Rose, Pc Alistair Reid,
Pc Michael Jent and Ps George Garrod.
Submitted by George Rose
Most of the officers and staff  have been named below by Davie Kerr.  Can we have any more before we change this photo?
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#7 Bob Porritt 2016-05-15 20:01
Myself and Stuart Lambert were seconded to Central CID during this enquiry. This was first murder for a long time and run under the direction of the Metropolitan Police who introduced the carousel system of recording information. I had Paul Belvin as suspect for forgery until I found he couldn't read or write. He was then taken to HQ as suspect for the murder and the rest is history.
#6 Jim 2015-06-10 12:43
I am told Norris passed away in Australia last year. RIP. He was a good man.

Editors note - I would appear that Jim is referring to Norrie Galbraith whose correct name was Norman Andrew Galbraith. We have not received any other information to this effect, and Jim did not identify himself other than by the name Jim. Could anyone confirm if Norrie Galbraith settled in Australia and whether or not he is still with us?
#5 Ralph Saints 2014-07-02 06:59
Confirming that it is me (Ralph Saints) - Cadet in the rear right of the photo.

Editors note - Many thanks Ralph. Any chance you could write a few lines about where you are and what you're doing these days. You could send it to our website at
#4 Maurice Pett 2014-01-20 18:31
The partially obscured person behind Tom Cassin is Colin MacDonald
#3 Terry 2012-12-11 17:57
As for Jean Burrows, My Father found her body.
#2 Peter Brown 2012-08-06 11:21
Second right on the front row next to Basil Hadrell is Norrie Galbraith who later moved to Royal Hong Kong Police
#1 Davie Kerr 2012-07-31 16:04
Because of some of the people therein my best guess is early '70s, possibly the Murder Squad after the assassinations of CoP Duckett and Gov. Sharples & ADC? From L:- ?, Keith Dunmore, Steve Dunleavy, ?, Frank "Gruff" Hammond, ?, Joe Colton, Aideen Forde/Fletcher, John Mulholland, I think Bill Wright from Scotland Yard, ?, ?, ?, Lenny Edwards, ?, Tom Cassin, Ian Ganson, "Socky" Adams, George Rose, Andy Lavery, ?, ?, Orson Daisley, I think Basil Haddrell from Scotland Yard. NO GUARANTEE that I've got right all the ones I've named: corrections welcomed!

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