Central CID Party for Angus Brown's 40th Birthday

This photograph was taken from a wonderful collection of Bermuda Police related photographs on Ernie McCreight's Facebook page.  We mentioned that it featured a group of rather boisterous men and women, most of whom share something in common and we asked you to assist us in figuring out who is in it, where it was taken, and when or why was it taken?

Dave Cook helped us out by identifying everyone in the photograph but he wasn't too sure what the group was celebrating.  The group is mainly detectives and civilian staff who were serving in Central CID in November 1985. It took a little detective work to discover why the celebration,  and the answer came from George Rose,  who remembered that he had a copy of the photo, and when he checked the back of the photo he had noted that it was taken at a party celebrating Angus Brown’s 40th birthday held in the Central CID office in Hamilton.  


Rear l-r Dave Chew, Graham Mitchell, Nick Jamieson, Peter Giles, Keith Senior, Cyril Plant, 
AngusBrown,David Cart, Franz Williams [afro] Sylvester Augustine, Michael Douglas, John Tartaglia. 
Kneeling -  Rai Harrison, Carol Holdipp, George Rose, Dave Cook,
Ben Linton [deceased], Belinda Wilson, Miquel Medford.
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