We  just recently came into possession of this photo of a group of policemen who appeared to be quite a motley crew!  We had no doubt that we wouldn't have a problem identifying everyone in it, or where it was taken, but we were at a complete loss to figure what brought the group together.  The photo was supplied to us by Mr. Wayne Myles who was for many years a very good friend of one of the officers in the photo, Jerry Molloy who died several years ago, but we had not heard about his passing until fairly recently.  Wayne very kindly provided us with a series of photo from Jerry along with information about what Jerry did after leaving Bermuda in 1981 after serving here in the Bermuda Police for 3 years.    Jerry is now featured in our "Hall of Fame" at  http://expobermuda.com/index.php/latesthof/798-gerry-molloy

One additional question we asked was how many members of this group are still with us?   Terry Cabral provided the answers -  Wayne Perinchief, Nick Hall, Jeff Payne and Winston "Papa Doc" Esdaille.  by pointing out which officers have died since this photo was taken.    Sadly, we lost Neil Cox, Howard "Stumpy" Kirkham, Ernie Moniz, James "Jimmy" Robertson, John Sharpe, Jerry Molloy, David "Bones" Fraser, and Barry Smith.

We can always rely on Davie Kerr to come up with names and he had an almost perfect score, just missing out on one officer and that was Barry Smith, probably due to the fact that the photo is not the finest.

We've had a good response from our readers which are contained in the comments column below the article, plua we received the following information from our old friend Nick Hall who can always answer all questions regarding firemarms and weaponry.

Nick Hall's comments:-

This was a shooting match held at Warwick Camp (in 1968)  on the South Shore where Ernie Moniz proved his shooting skills.  It’s not a team but volunteers.

In those days we fired .303 No.4 Lee Enfield Rifles and still had some .32 Wembley Detective revolvers left over from the War! They were very inaccurate. 

I can see Jeff Payne, but some other names have faded, John Sharpe proves we had one of our tallest there, but Harvey Fothergill is missing.  That is Wayne Perinchief far right rear rank.Neil Cox is behind me, standing next to John Sharpe, and “Bones” Fraser is in middle front rank.   Tragically he shot himself with my ex-police service .38 Special Smith and Wesson revolver.

3rd December 2019

Police Shooting Team at Warwick Camp shooting range in 1968
Top row -  Neil Cox, Howard "Stumpy" Kirkham, Ernie Moniz, James "Jimmy Robertson and Wayne Perinchief
Bottom row -  John Sharpe, Nick Hall, Jerry Molloy, David "Bones" Fraser,
Jeff Payne, Barry Smith and Winston "Papa Doc" Esdaille


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#8 Davie Kerr 2019-12-04 05:15
Following up on Nick Hall's comment, Bones and I were on the same intake (14 Nov 66), along with Gerry Ardis, Barrie Mancell, George Rushe and Malky Smith. This particular weekend in June '69 we'd been called out for CADUC (the posh acronym for Riot Training: I believe it meant Control And Dispersal of Unruly Crowds) training on Saturday morning, and Doc Hall was calling the roll:-
"Mancell." "Here."
"Kerr." "Here."
"Fraser." Silence. "PC Fraser." Silence. "PC FIFTY-NINE FRASER!" Still silence, amid 'sotto voce' comments from the rest of us "Ach, he's pissed again!", never dreaming of the true tragedy. I think it was Jenks who actually found him while en route to work the following Monday morning, as he had to pass Bones' apt and was apparently attracted by strange movements inside the apt: on closer investigation, the strange movements were caused by thousands of flies trying to get out! The rest, sadly, is history.

Editors note - A very sad story.
#7 Davie Kerr 2019-12-04 05:00
I did consider Barry Smith as the ?, but that pic simply didn't look like the Barry Smith I remembered...

Editors note - I also had trouble at first recognizing Barry but I looked at the original photo enlarged and it was definitely him.
#6 Davie Kerr 2019-12-03 10:37
Well, a right bunch of "oldies but goodies" there!
"To the best of my knowledge and belief, Your Worship", back row from L:- Neil Cox, "Stumpy" Kirkham, Ernie Moniz, Jimmy Robertson, Wayne Perinchief.
Front row from L:- John Sharpe, Nick Hall, Gerry Molloy, "Bones" Fraser, Jeff Payne, ?, "Papa Doc" Esdaille.
At a guess, it's a Police working party cleaning up the old shooting range at Warwick Camp. Date uncertain, but it has to be between Papa Doc's joining in March '68 and Bones' death in June '69.
Pete Shaw was the tallest guy in the job at 6'8" during my time, but Scott Devine at 7' is now "The Man"! Incidentally, I did hear a rumour that we were about to recruit one Martin Bayfield, a now-retired England rugby player, some 30-40 years ago, but that fell through because he was too tall for our barrack rooms at 6'10": can anyone confirm or deny that rumour?

Editors note - great info here Davie. I know you knew the guy standing between Jeff and Winston, and will someone else a chance to identify the last one in the group.

I also heard about the ex-England rugby player who was almost recruited but someone decided the beds in our barracks weren't big enough!
#5 Don Urquhart 2019-12-02 18:08
Is that a young Stumpy, second in from left, back row?

Editors note - That is indeed a young, and almost slim Howard 'Stumpy' Kirkham. Well spotted.
#4 terry 2019-12-02 17:57
Well not one to hog the site but many have moved on.
Believe Winston is still with us along with Wayne and Geoff the Marathon King and of course Santa Claus St. Nicholas Hall.
Unfortunately front and center took his life if memory is correct.


Editors note - spot on Terry. Winston Esdaille, Wayne Perinchief, Jeff Payne, are all still with us and on Islan, while the intrepid Nick Hall and his lovely wife Viv, are retired these days and "cooling out" in the UK. Nick has kindly send me more information about this photo by email, which I'll post in the article today.
#3 terry 2019-12-01 18:36
I also had the pleasure of working with everyone seen in this caption.
I'll just say this. John Sharpe was the only man that had to 'duck' whether on duty or at a firing range.
Great guy.

Editors note - Many thanks Terry. I've often wondered who is the tallest guy ever to wear the Bermuda Police uniform. Possibilities include John Sharpe, Barry Meyers and Peter Shaw, although there is no doubt that the tallest ever is a serving officer, Inspector Scott Devine who must be close to 7 feet in height.
#2 terry 2019-12-01 10:27
Or police reps not Operations.

Editors note - Sounds more like it.
#1 terry 2019-12-01 10:25
Looks like the Operations shooting team up at Warwick Camp.

Editors note - Thanks Terry. Not sure that "Stumpy" Kirkham ever worked at Operations, but I'm sure you're right about Warwick Camp because it doesn't look anything like our old range at Prospect

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