We received the following two photographs which were taken at a Christmas Gathering and we were asking if you could tell us exactly where it was taken, what year was it, and who are in both of these photos?  The answers came thick and fast, and we are indebted to Orson Daisley for sending the photos to us.  It was, of course, a Christmas Dinner in the St. George's Police Mess (the building no longer exists) in either  1966 or 1967.  Their names are listed below the photos.  Sadly,  no less than 4 of those gathered are no longer with us  -  Alan Proctor, Walter Somers, John Instone, and John "Rigor" Morris.  Gone but not forgotten.

St. George's Police Mess Christmas Dinner 1966 or 67
(l-r)  Jim McIlwain, Walter Somers, Peter Jones, Alan Proctor, Orson Daisley, Denisd Brookes, and Mike Tate
Relaxing at St. George's Police Mess
Around the table from left to right  -  Peter Jones, John Instone, Orson Daisley, Mike Tate, Dave Ashurst,
John "Rigor" Morris (with cigarette), Walter Somers, Vendal Bridgeman and Jim McIlwain.
The young man serving would have been from the Senior Training School.
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#7 Terry 2014-12-06 13:04
That's the name that got me; Michael Tate.
Thank you Michael.

Editors note - After our last Who, Where and When photo it's a big relief to confirm the identity of everyone here.
#6 Terry 2014-12-06 12:24
Editors note - Terry, You're batting 100% at this point and your spelling of McIlwain is spot on. an you remember why he was transferred to Eastern? Just a few more to ID.

Yes. But I will leave that as a 'cliff hanger' for others.
#5 Dave Ashurst 2014-12-06 08:20
St George's Mess. Either 1966 or 1967
Photo # 1. Alan Proctor, Walter Somers, Jim McIlwain, Peter Jones, Orson Daisley , Denis Brookes and Mick Tate.
#2 Peter Jones, John Instone, Mick Tate, Dave Ashurst, John 'Rigor; Morris, Walter Somers, Vendal Bridgeman and Jim McIlwain.

Editors note - Many thanks Dave. Your list coincides with that from Mike Tate, and Terry. These photos were recently provided by Orson Daisley who also confirms the ID's. I will just confirm the year with Orson.
#4 Michael Tate 2014-12-05 21:47
The photo was taken at St.Georges mess.1966 or 1967
Photo 1 left hand side of table Alan Proctor,Walter Somers, Jimmy McIlwain, head of table Peter Jones, right hand side John Instone, Orson Daisley, Dennis Brookes, Michael Tate (a very young ME with lots of hair).Photo 2 also shows Dave Ashurst, John Morris and Vendal Bridgeman between Somers and McIlwain and a visitor from the Juvenile Detention centre in St Georges, serving. Brings back good memories. Too many are unfortunately not here any more.
#3 Terry 2014-12-05 09:25
I think that other black gentleman is Vendal Bridgeman; even though he looks similar to Terry Lee. But of course we know it is not.......... :lol:

Editors note - It's definitely Vendal. Score another one to Terry.
#2 Terry 2014-12-04 16:04
Dave Ashurst, Walter Somers, and the guy front and centre in photo 1 has got me. I want to say something like McIlwain (sp). Could be a Dennis Brookes and an Instone thrown in.

Editors note - Terry, You're batting 100% at this point and your spelling of McIlwain is spot on. an you remember why he was transferred to Eastern? Just a few more to ID.
#1 Terry 2014-12-04 13:56
Got Orson Daisley down.
The other names will come.
Looks like Rigor Morris in photo #2.
Looks like the mess above the old PRC in St. George.

Editors note - Full marks so far Terry.

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