No prizes for guessing where this photo was taken  but we wanted the names of everyone in it,  why and when it was taken.  We recently found the photo in a file at Police HQ, and despite the fact that I'm in it, I had no recollection of the occasion or when it was.  We provided the 3 blow up photos below to help you identify the officers and link them to the numbers below the photos.  I think we now have all of their names but we were at a loss to know exactly why this group came together for the photo.  However, we contacted then Commissioner of Police, Fred "Penny" Bean who believes it was probably a get together of Divisional Sergeants and Officers, and that seems to be the best answer.  But can anyone give us a good estimate of the year it was taken. For names please check the blow-up photos and let us know if we have any of them wrong!

Blow-up No. 1

Back row (l-r)  David Gibbons, Wilhelm Bourne, Wilbur McLean, Roger Kendall,
Steve Dunleavy, Steve Petty, Arthur Bean.
Middle row:   Bill Butterworth, Stan Francis, Foster Burke, Paul Farrell, Mike “Dagwood”  Rickards,
Lionel Haynes, Norrell Hull, Keith Cassidy, Orson Daisley, Pete Counsell.
Sitting: Ian Scotland, John Joe Sheehy.

Blow-up No. 2

Back row (l-r) :- Pearl Perinchief, June Dickenson, Norman Ingemann, Bob Massey, John "Coco" Eve.
Middle row:  Steve Shaw, Roger Sherratt, Phil Every, Alan Barker, George Rushe,
Louis Griffith, Keith Pratt, Dave Ashurst, Oliver Bain.
Sitting:  Harold Moniz, COP Fred Bean, Jim Hanlon.

Blow-up No. 3

Back row (l-r)  Peter Duffy, Reg ‘Buster’ Brown, Bill “Spider” Mackenzie, Jeff Payne,
Ray Bell, Eddie Edwards, Reese Bartley.
Middle row:-  Bob Hay, Ronnie Boggan, Rex Osborne, Dave Purcell, Laurie Phillips, Barry Walkes.
Sitting:  George Garrod, Vendal Bridgeman, Vic Richmond, Dave Cook.

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