Boxing Contestants and officials

As mentioned when we first published this photo, it also appears n Mike Caulkett's "Then and Now" article.  (CLICK HERE for the article) Mike did not provide us with the names of the men shown here, or the year it was taken, but it is clearly  a group of boxers and officials standing outside the Police Recreation Club.  It didn't take long for us to discover all their names which are listed below.  However, just for the  record, can anyone confirm the actual year it was taken,  who fought who, who were the winners, and where are those who no longer reside in Bermuda.  Still resident here are Alex Forbes, Rex Osborne and Brinley Jones although we understand that Bryn is not very well these days.  

We know that Arthur Wallington, Howard "Stmpy" Kirkham and Mike Palmer are no longer with us, and that also is the case for Ron Wallace.  Mike Caulkett is, of course, retired and living in England,  Eric Sanderson and Sys Gordon are both living in Australia,  we have no idea of the present whereabouts of either Malky Tarte or Ian "Baby" Douris, so if you can assist in helping us to locate them please let us know.

Police Boxing officials and participants -  Year?
(l-r)  Arthur Wallington, Alex Forbes, Mike Caulkett, Eric Sanderson, Rex Osborne, Syd Gordon, Ian "Baby"
Douris, Ron Wallace, Howard "Stumpy" Kirkham, Malky Tarte, Mike Palmer, and Brinley Jones

To anyone with eyesight issues we have blown up the photo into two sections below


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#6 Terry 2014-01-16 16:40
Quoting Dave Ashurst:
The ' Mystery man' between Mike and Rex is Eric Sanderson, who now lives in Sydney, Australia.

Have a beer Dave.
#5 Dave Ashurst 2014-01-16 09:09
The ' Mystery man' between Mike and Rex is Eric Sanderson, who now lives in Sydney, Australia.
#4 Terry 2014-01-11 13:30
One to go.
Put your thinking helmets on guys.
Glad you got Sid Gordon Jeff.
Took me a few minutes to think of his name but he came up straight after Mike Palmer.
Character Sid was.
#3 Jeff Baker 2014-01-10 16:42
I do not know the year, but I believe prior to 1971.
1. Arthur Wallington
2. Alec (Punchy)Forbes
3. Mike Caulkett
4. ?
5. Rex Osborne
6. Syd Gordon
7. ?
8. Ron Wallace
9 Howard (Stumpy) Kirkham
10. Malky Tarte
11. Mike Palmer
12. Bryn Jones.

Right on Jeff. Just two left and Terry correctly identified one of them - Ian "Baby" Douris (does anyone have any idea how we could contact him?) who is standing bwteen Syd Gordon and Ron Wallace.

But who is the mystery man between Mike Caulkett and Rex Osborne? Hint - he has been named, and his photo appears in one of the articles we have posted this year.
#2 Terry 2014-01-09 18:30
As I have said before Mr. Sherratt my and most are factual or in jest.
I received your email about my comments that you did not put all of it up.
So I made a mistake in spelling of an old friend and called him Watlinton.
His name was Wallinton and thanks for the clarification.

Punchy Forbes is there along with Bryn Jones, Howard Kirkham, Mike Palmer, Ron Wallace, Mike Caulket , Ian Douris, Rex Osborne....
The rest I will leave to those that can associate the time period and use their brains.

A great day to all.

Editors note - Delighted to see that Terry has given us his input on these names. The guy on the estreme left is, of course, Arthur Wallington. We still have a few guys not identified. Can anyone assist?
#1 Terry 2014-01-07 17:52
Got em all.
Haven't seen a picture of Mike Palmer in over 40 years.
Stumpy looks good and the 'Ghost' still looks the same.
Actually....Ian looks good after a two week period of …….. with college girls.

Editors note - It's reassuring that you've "Got em all" Terry! How about sharing your information with those who are not too sure?

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