This is NOT an advert for Smirnoff Vodka

Our latest Who, Where and When photo featured several of the great characters of the Bermuda Police Force in the 1970's.  We figured this might be an easy one and it was.  Jeff Baker correctly identified everyone in the photo with the exception of the older gentleman wearing glasses who was a Smirnoff representative.  Details are given below.

Photo taken during Police Rugby Tour to Hartford, Connecticut, 1975
(l-r)  Tom Chasser, Keith Cassidy, John Price, Reg "Buster" Brown,
Norman "Raj" Rennie,  Smirnoff Rep. and Howard "Stumpy" Kirkham

This photo was kindly submitted to us by Keith Cassidy who advises that despite having their photo taken in front of all those Smirnoff ads, and wioth a Smirnoff Rep,  the boys never managed to sample any Smirnoff vodka.  That may have been the case but we have doubts as to whether this was a "teetotaller tour"!
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#3 Keith Cassidy 2013-04-26 08:59
Hi, Jeff got the names of the Police players. It was a tour to Hartford, Conn, 1975. The unknown is the Smirnoff rep.
Believe it or not we never got to sample the product.

Editors Note - We now have quite a few Police rugby photos and we plan to put them into an article or file so that people can write in and identify who is in them, when and where they was taken, and maybe something about the particularly match or members of the team etc. Will keep you posted.
#2 Jeff Baker 2013-04-25 15:04
Left to right:
Tom Chasser, Keith Cassidy, John Price, Reg (Buster) Brown, Norman (Raj) Rennie, unknown, Howard (Stumpy Kirkham)
Probably rugby tour late 70s early 80s
#1 Sue Gardner 2013-04-24 18:48
Stumpy Kirkham on far right. Love the background!

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