Farewell to Tony Nuttall

We clearly had a very cheerful group in these two photos, and we asked who are they, where are they, what are they celebrating, and when were the photos taken?  

The group was giving a rowdy farewell to Tony Nuttall (centre in photos) who had served in the Bermuda Police from 1961 - 1965, working for a short while in Central before being transferred to Dog Section in 1961 where he spent the rest of his service.  Tony was a constable in the Salford City Police prior to coming out to Bermuda, and we believe he returned to the Police Force in England.  We would appreciate any details of what happened to Tony after 1965.  The photos were taken at the airport on the day of his departure on or around 24th September 1965.  Tony got a great send off, but most of those present who are still with us have no recollection of the event!  They are listed below.

Photo 1

Tony Nuttall's Farewell
(l-r)  Barry Smith, Mike Caulkett (not sure what he's doing!), Tony Nuttall, (top row right) Peter Duffy,
Dave Long, Keith Allchin, Barrie Meade.(bottom row right) Willie Galloway, Dave Chew. 

Photo 2

(l-r)  Barry Smith, Mike "Dagwood" Rickards, Mike Caulkett, Tony Nuttall,
Dave Long, Keith Allchin, and Barrie Meade
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#4 John Dale 2016-09-03 12:17
Tony Nuttall and his wife Margaret will be arriving in Bermuda on 16th September 2016 until 30th. He may be attending the Expo BBQ on 24th Sept at PRC. I have just written to him with the information. I bumped into George Hammond who worked with Tony and I image that Jeff Payne did also. Anyone in Bermuda still
who remembers Tony please give me a call at 292.6747. John Dale 3/9/16

Editors note - Thanks for this information John. Unfortunately, our BBQ has had to be cancelled because the PRC bar is undergoing renovations so the main hall is being utilized as the bar (we would have used the main hall in the event of inclment weather). There are several events for retired and former BPS officers during Police Week but they don't start until 1st October. We will be posting details of these events on our website ASAP.

And in answer to your question, well I remember Tony and went down to the airport to bid him farewell. Can you advise him that a group of old timers usually meet up at the PRC on Thursday afternoons around 5pm for a few drinks. Hope to see him up there.
#3 nick hall 2013-11-20 07:25
Viv and I where on holiday in North Wales in the late 1970's and into the hotel came Tony Nuttall "long time no see". He reminded us that he attended our wedding in 1965 and that that he was now a Chief Inspector in charge of Manchester Traffic Department ( at that time known as "Gunchester")an d at that time every single car on that plot had at least one bullet hole in it. We haven't heard from him since. :-|

Editors note - Tony was quite a character and it would be great to hear how he's doing these days. If anyone can assist please let us know. Did he not marry a Bermudian girl?
#2 Mike Caulkett 2013-04-29 06:05
I recognise, the two Barry's, Dave Long, Willy G and Peter D but beyond that I know nothing. The biggest surprise of all is to find myself in the photo as I have no idea whatsoever as to when or why. Presumably marking the departure of someone at the airport?

Edditor's note - Mike is on the right track. Will provide additional information in next couple of days.
#1 Terry 2013-04-26 14:56
Now this is funny.
I got em all except one.
Must be celebrating the Barry Brothers show.

Editors Note - Hi Terry. Can you tell us who they are, and I'm sure someone will know what they were celebrating!

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