Police Memorial at Prospect Cemetery

All former members pf the Bermuda Police are cordially invited to attend the Annual Memorial Service being held at the Police Cmetery, Prospect, at 11am on Thursday 8th October, immediately followed by a light lunch at the Police Recreation Club.

This service is held annually during Police Week and pays tribute to all of our friends and colleagues who have served in the Bermuda Police who are no longer with us.  It is hosted by the Commissioner of Police and is attended by H.E. The Governor, and Senior Officers, along with families and friends of those who have passed.  We encourage you to attend if you are on Island.

Military and Police Cemetery at Prospect

This has been a particularly sad year in which we have lost more of our former colleagues than anyone can recall. During the last 12 months we have lost no fewer than 16 of our old friends.  During the Memorial Service the Commissioner reads out the names of  all former police officers who have died in the past 2 years and the list this year includes the following:-

Retired Inspector Hubert Simmons                                          
Former Constable Frank Maddern                                      
Retired D/Supt Vic Richmond                                                  
Retired Inspector Arthur Rose                                       
Former Constable Rodney Trott                                
Former D/Commissioner Alf Morris                                      
Former Constable Reggie Butler                                    
Former Constable John Fryer                                                  
Former Constable John Allen
Retired Constable Lawrence "Mincy" Rawlins
Former Constable Ian Douris
Former Constable Graham Swinyard
Former Constable Thomas Gray
Retired Chief Inspector Jeff Saunders
Former Constable Tom Barnes
Former W/Constable Betty Osborne 

Last years list included-

Former Constable Alexander “Sandy” Duncan 
Former Constable Trevor Nicholls  
Former Constable Allen “Bugsy” Pugh  
Retired Sergeant Brinley Jones  
Former Constable John Wild  
Former Constable Anthony Richard Saunders
Our PRC Cook for many years Mrs Lucretia Brangman (Mrs “B”)

Also honoured during the service are those Bermuda Police Officers who are buried at the Police Cemetery as listed here:-

Constable Andrew Park Davis Wilson           
Constable Michael Frederick Henry Hills      
Constable William Fox Galloway  
Constable David Fraser    
Inspector John Wallace Starbuck
Inspector Thomas David Doyle  
Commissioner George Duckett, Esq, O.B.E. COP  
Sergeant Reginald James Brown  
Chief Inspector James McNiven  
Inspector Douglas Noel Hebberd  
Sergeant John Frederick Morris 
Sergeant William MacKenzie    
Detective Superintendent John J. Sheehy and wife Joan (ashes interred)
Inspector Arthur Rose (ashes interred)

Although no official records are kept by the BPS regarding former serving officers who have passed, except those who continued to serve until retirement and were receiving pensions, we have been endeavoring to compile our own record (CLICK HERE for our List of Deceased Officers).   

We are aware that this list is by no means complete. For example,  we were only recently made aware that former P.C. John “Boob” Travis who served in the Bermuda Police in the 1960’s and left for Canada in  1966, had died in April 2004 after serving for many years in the Ontario Provincial Police.

We would invite you to review our list and let us know if you are aware of anyone who is not listed.

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