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This section features interesting articles written by former colleagues on a wide range of subjects related to the Bermuda Police Service or recounting personal experiences.   We are delighted to receive articles from anyone who wishes to put pen to paper, and will assist with editing where necessary.





We recently wrote to John Headey wondering about the fate of Queen Cersei (or rather his daughter Lena) after this year’s final season of Game of Thrones.  For anyone not aware of it, Queen Cersei has been played throughout the series by John’s beautiful daughter, Lena Headey who was born here in Bermuda while John was serving in the Bermuda Police. 

During her time in the role of Queen Cersai, Lena had a once-in-a-lifetime  opportunity of meeting a fellow member of Royalty, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the set of Games of Thrones as we reported in our Latest News article at

Lena Headey

We were not actually expecting any inside information, and John remained tight-lipped about the future of Queen Cersei, but he was a little more forthright about his home football club, who are destined to follow my home team, Stoke City, into the Championship next season.  

John commented on what a miserable season it has been for his club, and their last three games are against Liverpool, Man United, and Southampton.  After last week’s dismal performance by Man United, it’s possible that John and Huddersfield Town fans may have something to cheer in their last home game if Town can replicate Everton’s success.  Keith Cassidy hasn’t stopped smiling since last Saturday!

John pointed out that just last week a list was published of the spending by all EPL clubs in the last 12 months, and John says, "Guess what – the top six all look strangely familiar! Sadly it all seems to be about money these days, and teams like Huddersfield are on a different planet in that respect compared with most clubs in the top flight."



John also mentioned that a Stoke supporter is a frequent contributor to Huddersfield Town fans’ forum discussion board and he recalls him saying, “It’s hard to decide if survival in the Premier League is worth the dubious pleasure of losing most weeks.”  As John says, “He has a point.” John added,  “There are rumours about a consortium possibly taking over the club.  Our Chairman and owner, a local guy and genuine fan has been very ill  although he is now recovering.   I’m concerned that the old adage ‘careful what you wish for‘ “ may apply.

John and his wife  Susan are kept busy as grandparents to Lena’s two children, Wylie and Teddy Rose,  who have been mentioned several times in our Grandparents column which you can view at,

Also included in the Grandparents column is this photo of John with then 8 year old Wylie proudly wearing his Huddersfield Town strip.  We wondered if young Wylie would stay faithful to his grandad’s club but rumour has it that he’s shifted his loyalties to Arsenal, just as my grandson is now supporting, of all teams, Scunthorpe United. That may have something to do with his dad’s loyalties and the subliminal fact that their personalized car number plate here in Bermuda is “Scunny”!  So much for loyalty!

John Headey with grandson Wylie when he was a Huddersfield Town fan!

Teddy Rose loves her terrier - Alfie

John readily admits he's clutching at straws but he's taking solace in the fact that his gorgeous granddaughter Teddy Rose loves her terrier, Alfie,  and he points out that Huddersafield Town are known as the "Terriers"!!

At least my Grandaughter Teddy Rose has got something right, she loves her terrier Alfie ...

Editors note  -  We are always happy to receive photos and information about our former colleagues who are now grandparents for the Grandparents Column.




Bermuda's first Police Rugby Team – taken in July 1954 at BAA Field
l-r Back Row - Robert Railton (Capt) (former professional for Whitehaven), Jack Ham,
Bill Freeman, ?, Arthur Rose, Peter Jackson, ?, Jim McMaster, Collins
(left to become Master at Arms on the Queen of Bermuda)
Front Row - Ted Burton, White, Frank Walsh, Charles Giltrap,
John Joe Sheehy, The Rt. Hon Raymond Barnwall.

The face of rugby has certainly undergone major changes since the Bermuda Police Team first started competing way back in July 1954. The Royal Gazette sports article on the 2019 annual Duckett Memorial Trophy tournament is a case in point. When the Duckett Memorial Trophy was first contested following the assassination of Commissioner George Duckett in 1972, this hard fought annual battle had initially been an encounter between the Police first team and a National Select side (the Best of the Rest!)

Not so this year! This annual tournament, played in January each year, has evolved into no less than four rugby matches involving four Police teams, the men’s first and second teams, and the ladies first and second teams. Ladies rugby has taken off in Bermuda as elsewhere around the world - and make no mistake about it, ladies play the game for keeps!

During a pre-game interview with the Royal Gazette which you can view at, Police head coach Peter Lewington explained, “This is the highlight of our season. Statistically, we shouldn’t win when you look at the quality of all the opposition teams. However, the decades of results show that Police are dominant in this fixture, and this year we are planning to add more victories to that story. November marks the club’s 60th anniversary, and winning is the best way to start the year.”

Yes, the face of rugby has seen many changes but some familiar faces, and familiar names showed up at the Police Sports Field to play for the Police in the annual battle of the Blues versus the Rest.

Duckett Trophy Police Team 1976

In the above photo from our archives you’ll see two young men on the back row who played regularly for the Police team four or five decades ago. One is former Sgt Paul Field who joined the Bermuda Police in 1962 and served until 1973 at which time he pursued a successful new career in the security business. Paul was an avid sportsman who played both rugby and cricket during his time in the Service.

P.C. Paul Field                                                    P.C. Keith Cassidy

Standing next to him is retired Sgt Keith Cassidy who arrived in Bermuda as a young police recruit in late 1971 and served, mainly in Scenes of Crime Office (S.O.C.O.), retiring in 1999 after almost 28 years. Keith was also an avid sportsman who played both rugby and football for Police teams.

Paul gave up rugby some time ago but he maintains great interest in the Police Rugby team and especially the annual Duckett Memorial matches - with very good reason! Paul’s son Sean Field-Lament followed in his dad’s footsteps on the rugby field and has been a regular member of the Police team for at least 20 years, and he's now been followed by Paul's grandson Jake.

The Field Boys  2017
Paul (centre) proudly holds the Duckett Memorial Trophy
flanked by his son Sean (left) and Jake (right)

As seen in the photo above taken last year,  Paul holds up the Duckett Memorial Shield which he had successfully competed for when it was first created, and he is flanked by both his son Sean and his grandson Jake, who had turned out in blue shirts as members of the Police 2nd Team, so three generations of Fields have played for Police Rugby Teams although, to the best of our knowledge, Paul never played in the same team as his son Sean.

Sean and Jake Field-Lament fresh off the field

Perhaps the greatest surprise of the tournament this year was the fact that we had two Cassidys playing for the Police 2nd Team, one being Jonathan Cassidy, an exceptional player who has been both a regular member of the Police Rugby team and has also represented Bermuda and the West Indies internationally.

Keith and Jonathan Cassidy survive the match

Why would it be a surprise to have two Cassidys playing for Police this year? Well, the fact is that Jonathan’s dad, Keith, has not only played regularly in the team with his son Jonathan, but by stepping out on the field to play in this year’s tournament, Keith, at just two days short of his 70th birthday, must surely be by far the most “senior” player ever to turn out and play for his beloved Police team.

Dirty but undaunted!
Sean Field-Lament and Keith Cassidy

And if the Fields think they will be the only family to ever have three generations represent the Boys in Blue, they may need to think again because Keith’s grandson, Lincoln, was fascinated watching his dad and his grandad from the sidelines at Police Field – and what colour shirt do you think he was wearing?!

The Cassidy Clan
Keith, young Lincoln (that is one fiercely determined look), and Jonathan
And just to show that Police Team players are resilient,  we also had former P.C. Andy Pell who served as a P.C. in Central Division from 1988-1993, turn up to play for the 2nd team with his son Danny.
Former P.C. Andy Pell and his son Danny
Police Rugby Club 2nd Team  -  Duckett Memorial Tournament 2019
Back Row (L-R) - Keith Cassidy, little Lincoln Cassidy, Jonathan Cassidy, Matt Koen, Dylan Edward, Pete
Lewington, Guy Bowker, Andy Pell, Danny Moore, Jake Field, Sean Field-Lament, Gareth Davies, Darryl van Heerden
Front Row (L-R) - Nick West, Daniel Farrar, Quintin Venter,  Danny Pell, Jamie Billings, Ralson Douglas,
Ryan Somerville, Angus Ayliffe, Warren Bundy, Dragan Pavkovic, Jordan DeShields.
For the record,  Police head coach Peter Lewington, was spot on with his predictions of a good day for the Police Teams, with success in three out of their four matches.  Both the Men's 1st and 2nd teams won their matches, and the Ladies 1st team won theirs.
 Police Rugby Club Ladies 1st Team:
Back Row L-R: Kierra Smith, Clodagh Barry, Amelia Cole, Meagan Jackson (captain),
Fiona Donaldson, Jenna Burrows, Francesca Rawlinson (vice-captain),
Melissa Rodrigues, Johanita Louw
Front Row L-R: Matt Koen (coach), Mika Tomita, Saphia Tonkin,
 Jo Murray, Olivia Smart, Estienne Coetzee
 Police Rugby Club Ladies 2nd Team
Back Row (L-R) Erica McArthur (captain), Hanah Cannon, Jenna Burrows,
Kierra Smith, Melissa Rodrigues, Liz Copeland, Kerry Heigham
Front Row L-R: Jessica Wagner, Barbara Bates, Julie McDonald,
Clodagh Barry, Matt Koen (coach)


For a comprehensive report on results view the Royal Gazette article at

Men's 1st Teams in Action -  Duckett Memorial Tournament - 2019
(Photos courtesy Akil Simmons, Royal Gazette)

Related rugby articles available on our ExPo website:-

Editors note - We would be interested in hearing of any other families who have had two or more of their members competing in Police sporting events.  We believe the following family members have represented the Police Rugby Team:-

  • Robert Railton (former professional Rugby League player) who was Captain of our first ever Police Rugby Team back in 1954, and his son Robert "Bob" Railton, both of whom served in the BPS;
  • Dave Lunn and his sons Dave, Greg and Colin, all of whom we believe played alongside their dad at least once.  This has to be a record for the number of players in the same family representing the Police Rugby Team;
  • Steve Rollin and his son Alexander.

And how about other sports?  For example, we believe Ralph and Matthew Lindo both play football for the Police?




Commissioner Stephen Corbishley with his wife Deborah and their two children
and our ExPo Acting President Cal Smith

We held our Annual ExPo New Year Reception at the Officers Mess, Prospect, on Saturday evening 19th January 2019, courtesy of Commissioner Stephen Corbishley, who attended along with his wife Deborah and their two children. Commissioner Corbishley apologized for not being able to stay for long due to a prior commitment with his family, but he warmly welcomed everyone to the Mess, and stressed his great appreciation for the support of ExPo and its members who have so much police experience, pointing out that there is nothing new about policing as demonstrated by his move towards re-introducing parish constables to establish closer relations with the community we serve.

This was an exceptionally successful evening with approximately 70 people in attendance, including several serving officers, longstanding members of ExPo, some members attending one of our functions for the first time, and the wives of police officers who are no longer with us.

Arthur Bean and Steve Dean
(maybe long in the tooth but still looking good!)
Keith Lovell, Mike Chlebek and Dave Cart
Shina and Gerry Lyons with Dennis Gordon and Bob Railton
Lisa Rivas and Cal Smith

Roger Sherratt read out a list of those of our members who have died since last year’s reception as follows - Ray Needham, Dudley Proctor, William “Bill” Smith, Phil Every, Christopher Reynolds-Hole, Pat McBride, Terry Warrilow, Fred “Penny” Bean, Marvin Washington, Frank Deallie, Neil Cox, and two former officers who recently came to our attention, Gerry Molloy who died in Canada in 2009, and Steve Foster who died just a few days ago

He noted that Fred “Penny” Bean, who made history as our first black Commissioner, died in hospital in December after suffering a nasty fall in his garden. Roger had been in the process of interviewing Fred for an article on our ExPo website which has since been published in the Hall of Fame column and can be viewed at

Roger asked all present to raise their glasses for a toast “Absent Friends”.

Keith and Joan Cassidy with Roddie Barclay
Lita and Roger Kendall, Steve and Juanita Shaw and Rosie Pearman
George Rose, Katherine Arnfield and Supt James Howard
(a "rose" between two thorns - with apologies to George!)
Dave Garland with Bob and Susan Stewart
Patricia Trott (The Late "Chief "Oliver Trott's daughter)
with Oliver Bain, and Larry Smith
Sgt Dorian Astwood and his wife Former P.C. Shanelle Astwood
and Mary Van de Weg
Sgt Andrew Harewood, A/Sgt Kemar Peters, (Chairman and Vice Chairman of the
BPS Association) chatting with Cal Smith & Bob Stewart - about Police Pensions!
Sue Garland, Mary Van de Weg and Claire Rushe

Roger also thanked George Rose for writing a series of excellent article for our ExPo website, including one on the late Arthur Childs, a “Boxer Extraordinaire” which can be viewed at and an almost completed article on the late Edward “Bosun” or “Bo” Swainson a legendary cricketer who scored the first century in Cup Match. This article will appear shortly in our Hall of Fame column.

He concluded by thanking Cal Smith for stepping up to the plate and doing a superb job as Acting President of ExPo following the resignation of Brian Robinson who had been experiencing some health problems.

Insp Pete Stableford and his wife Gina - Bermuda best bartenders!

Thanks also to Peter Stableford and his wife who did a superb job tending the bar, and to Roy's Fine Food at the Police Recreation Club for preparing the food which was a great hit.

Cal Smith thanked everyone for attending the reception and also thanked the members of ExPo's Committee, including Carlton Adams, Reese Bartley, Dave Cook, Larry Dean, John Skinner, and our Secretary Gail Correira for their support.  He added that Gail had just undergone surgery in the U.S. and was at home recuperating. He asked everyone to keep Gail in their thoughts and prayers.  

Dave Lunn giving his Irish Blessing


Dave Lunn closed the evening with the Irish Blessing "May the Road Rise Up to Meet You' that he has delivered at our annual functions for as long as anyone can remember.

You can view more photos of the reception on our ExPo website at!Reception_3