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Ken Van Thal has written to ask if anyone might know where his old friend, Phillip Lupson is these days. Ken says, “He and I along with Steve Rollin and Phil Every and others shared a lovely pad in Riddles Bay called La Mer. Coincidentally after I left the Rock in 1973 I later bought his mother’s house in Barnet UK. That was 1985 and that was the last time we met.”

Phil served here in the Bermuda Police from 1971-1976, and prior to his arrival here he had served in the Metropolitan Police first as a Cadet and then as a P.C. from 1964-1971.

While here on Island Phil worked in Central Uniform, on Mobile Patrol, in Western Uniform and in Operations (Traffic).

If anyone has contact details or any idea how we might get in touch with Phil please let us know either through the Comments section below or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


UPDATE  - 30th July 2018

We’ve received word from Ken Van Thal that he’s finally managed to get in touch with Phil Lupson who is keeping well and enjoying retirement. Phil apparently does a lot of travelling and presently has house guests.  He’s promised to call Ken back when they have left.

Phil fondly remembers Bermuda and recalled the occasion of having to down a ‘yard of ale’ at Somerset. It was a "quadrathon" and the yard of ale was the final leg. He apparently won the challenge. 

Ken says next time he speaks to Phil he’ll ask him to do an update of his life since he left the Rock.  He had the impression Phil doesn’t spend much, if any, time on the computer and is probably not aware of the existence of our ExPo website (I have to wonder how many of our former colleagues are in that category!). Phil lives about forty miles from Davie Kerr and they occasionally chat.

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#8 Davie Kerr 2018-07-31 13:00
Wayne Robinson's info was accurate, apart from the fact that Phil has now retired and lives in the village of Dores (pronounced "Doors") at the N end of Loch Ness. I must admit I did think it rather odd that Phil, a Londoner I believe, chose to stay in Scotland after he and his first wife Fern split, while she, a Scot from near Dundee, chose to move to the Nottingham area!
#7 Davie Kerr 2018-07-31 12:56
On this subject, my daughter Liz was doing business studies at Strathclyde Uni in Glasgow, and at Easter '97 she and 3 friends went on a "market research" trip to Inverness. They booked at random into a particular B&B, and it turned out that the guy running it had been in Bermuda, so the conversation began. Liz said "When were you in Bermuda?"
"Early '70s."
"what were you doing there?"
"I was a Policeman."
"Oh: while you were there, did you know a Policeman called Davie Kerr?"
"Yes I did; he was at my wedding."
"Well, I'm his daughter!" And Phil (for it was he) was absolutely gobsmacked!

Editors note - It;s sure is a small world!
#6 Ken Van Thal 2018-07-24 16:48
The reason no reply has been received was because Phil is on hols. I'm to ring him this weekend. Ken

Editors note - That's good news Ken. Can you ask him to drop me a line on email with some info on what he's doing these days, and also send a recent photo?
#5 Ken Van Thal 2018-07-24 16:45
Was a bit worried I had no response to my letter and a couple of phone calls. Just had a message saying he is on holiday and I should phone again over the weekend. Hope to get an update on his life since leaving the Rock then Best Wishes Ken Van Thal
#4 Ken Van Thal 2018-07-08 12:44
Thanks Wayne. He's living at the Shelling address as confirmed by his local pub. I've put a letter in the post with my contact detailsl. Best Wishes Ken
#3 Ken Van Thal 2018-07-08 09:05
Rang the local pub in Dores and they confirmed that Phil is a customer and was Ex BDA Old Bill. They didnt have a phone number so have sent him a letter with my contact details. Thanks for your assistance. Ken

Editors note - That's great news Ken. Please et us know when you make contact with Phil and would you ask him to let us have some information about what's he's been doing since leaving Bermuda and ask him if he could also let us have a fairly recent photo of himself and any family. He could send it to my email address which you already have, or to
#2 Ken Van Thal 2018-07-08 04:01
Many thanks Wayne. Will give it a try. Seem to remember he ended up in B
onnie Scotland. Trust you are well Ken
#1 wayne Robinson 2018-07-06 21:02
Hi Ken re Philip Lupson I didnt know the bloke but there are a couple of listings for a Philip Lupson in Inverness Scotland wifes name Joan . One is 86 Kenneth Street inverness and the other is "the sheiling" dores inverness. No guarantee this is the right person hope this helps Wayne

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