Young P.C. Gary Osborne

We recently heard from Gary Osborne,  now living in Australia, who is visiting the Island for a week, arriving on Tuesday 26thJune, and would be delighted to meet up with his old friends and colleagues.


Gary joined the Bermuda Police in March 1985 and served here until April 1993.  According to Police records he only served in Central Division (Uniform) but he was no doubt  transferred elsewhere during his 8 years here,  (It appears that police records were being transferred over to computer files in the early 1990’s).


Gary had served in the Ulster Constabulary prior to coming to Bermuda, and he arrived here on 7thMarch 1985 along with Mark Allen, Glyn Jones, Alan McFall, Ian Ringrose, Paul Wright, Meirion Roberts, John Hoefkens, Dave Peach, Nick Turnbull, Mark Vincent, Paul Towlson, Gary Staines, and Alan Johnston. 


Just three of these recruits are still on Island and they are Paul Wright who is currently Deputy Commissioner, Gary Staines who is in the Criminal Intelligence Department, and Paul Towlson who is now retired.  



Police Training Course - 1985
This is a comparatively rare occasion when a group photo was taken of a Training School Course 
that was not a Basic Training Course.  Can you assist in identifying everyone in the photo,
both recruits and instructers, and senior officers?

We have heard from several of them such as Mark Vincent,   who wrote an excellent article for our “Then and Now” column which you can view at which he makes mention of his colleagues on his Initial Training Course. 


We would be happy to receive information about all the others who came in this contingent.


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