One man and his dog host a CID Party


When we first pubished the photograph below we mentioned that now we're stepping back in time!  You may have recognized Detective Milton Murray Marsh (seated 2nd from right) who kindly supplied the photograph, but how about the rest of the group? What's the occasion, what year was it taken, and who is the man with the dog?

Well, the photograph was taken in 1958 at the home of Lt. Col C.J.R Newing (former Head of C.I.D.) with a group of CID Officers.   They were all identified by the gentleman standing at top left - Ian Morrison who was a young CID officer at the time.  They are listed below the photograph.

Back row (l-r) , Ian Morrison,  Leon Bean, Lieut-Colonel C.J.R. Newing (former Head of CID),
Bob Irons, Oliver Trott, and Hubert Simmons, and John J. Sheehy
Front Row (l-r) John .L. Hobbs, Ian Kane, W.S. Bill Freeman, John Starbuck, John Mullan,
Sinclair Bean, Milton Murray Marsh, and F.M. “Happy” Duerden.  

Misssing is John Logan who took the photograph. And how do we know that John Logan is the missing photographer?  Well, we discovered an almost identical photo in the Police Magazine dated Winter 1966 (see below) which includes John Logan but excludes John Mullan who also worked in C.R.O. as a photographer.
The only officers who we know for sure are still with us are Ian Morrison who still resides on Island, and Hubert Simmons who is in the Extended Care Unit at K.E.M.H. If anyone has information about John Hobbs, Ian Kane, Bill Freeman or Bob Irons we would be pleased to hear from you.
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#2 William Freeman jr 2015-12-21 21:58
My father W.S. Freeman left Bermuda soon after this. He returned to England with my Mother Rosemary then emigrated to Canada.
He returned to Bermuda in the 90s and opened Ceramica Bermuda in St Georges.
He died in 2009 after having returned to Canada in retirement.

Editors note - Many thanks William for this information about your father, former P.C. Bill Freeman. Please feel free to send us any more information you have and perhaps any photos of your father in Bermuda Police uniform.
#1 Simon J Kane 2012-09-07 12:42
I am Ian 'Crash' Kane's son by his second marriage and regretfully I have to say that my father passed away in 1989 following a long illness. Unfortunately I didn't get to hear many of his stories from his service years and would appreciate reading any from those that new him.
I only chanced upon this site through curiosity and it has been a delete to see his face in several pictures. I intend to go digging for his old photo album and hope to be able to send some copies through for the sites ever growing records.

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