We're not sure whether the guest of honour at this party is the gentleman wearing a white hat, or the young lad who appears to be quite intimidated by all the ruckus going on around him.  What we need to know is who is in this photo, where and when was it taken, and even more important what were they celebrating on this auspicious occasion?

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#10 Davie Kerr 2019-06-16 18:42
Would the wee laddie be Crow Rae's lad Martin?

Editors note - right country of birth Davie, but wrong Sergeant. I remember the Sergeant well because I was duty driver in Central when he was Watch Sgt. It was horrendous driving him around on wet rainy nights because he would practically vomit if I ever ran over a toad. They were numerous in those days and would lie flat in the middle of the road to cool off on hot summer nights. But that doesn't help ID him if you didn't drive him!

He eventually worked in Prosecutions before leaving Bermuda with his family. I'm give you one last chance Davie!
#9 Bill Pritchard 2019-06-14 08:20
Roger, I believe it was Dave Garlands wedding. The little lad I believe is Mike Antolins son(Teachers>) Mike Caulkett has named most of the Police, as has the 3 Teachers Players.Lovely to see the old photos. Brings back happy memories of my time on the island. Keep up the good work, keeps the oldies in touch, and seems like yesterday, although I am 81 next week.All the best to all my old comrades. Bill Pritchard.

It was indeed Dave Garland's wedding celebration. We have most of them except several guys who were teachers and two on the top row that have yet to be correctly ID'd. The little boy sitting on Dave's knee was a police sregeant's son, and he is clearly of Scottish descent. Any ideas?
#8 terry 2019-06-13 09:34
Dave Shakeshaft was not a member of the service at this time in Bermuda Jeff.

Editors note - Agreed Terry. The guy on front row right, to the right of Garreth Davies is Mike "Coolcat: Caulkett.
#7 Jeff Baker 2019-06-12 20:16
1st March, not sure of year 1968-71.Dave Garland Marriage to Sue MacIntyre.
Front row: Mike Caulkett,Willy McCracken.Child may be John Logan's, Dave Garland,Gareth Davies,Dave Shakeshaft.
Immediately behind Dave Garland Tom Smith.
2nd row, John Balsdon,Ian Mitchell,Dave Parsons,
unk,unk,Jack Rouse,unk,Les Tomlinson,unk,B rian Hanney,John Williams,unk,un k,unk,unk,Looks like Shawn Sheehan or Derek Jenkinson,Tom Gallagher.
#6 Mike Caulkett 2019-06-10 12:23
There are three rugby playing teachers in the photo:-
Bob Fancourt - 4th from right standing.
Kerry? Holmes - sitting bottom left.
Tom Smith, I am sure - sitting in the middle with face between the young boy's face and Dave Garlands face.
Of the police contingent: -
Dennis Byrne - standing to the left of Bob Fancourt
Robin Henagulph - middle of photo behind face of Tom Smith with large white T shirt
Brian Hanney, spelling? over Bill Pritchards left shoulder.
Best wishes to all who remember me, Mike

Editors note - Many thanks Mike. I thought it was Tom Smith behind Dave but wasn't 100% sure. We now have just a few more to ID.
#5 George Rose 2019-06-09 15:52
Yep! Dave Garland seated centre with child on his knee.
Would he have been the groom?

Editors note - Bingo!
#4 George Rose 2019-06-09 15:50
That would be Mike Caulkett to the right of Gareth I think - and Willie McCracken seated front row 2nd from left. I also see Jack Rouse standing top left in the white tuxedo.
Dave Parsons is there of course to the rear right of Gareth. Maybe John Williams centre rear also in a white tuxedo. Maybe its a wedding due to the corsages pinned to the lapels of the tuxedos? So it's dated mid to late sixties I should think.

Editors note - Can't fault your logic or your ID's George.
#3 terry 2019-06-09 15:40
'Outstanding ones on the left are Johnny Balsden and Jack the Ripper Rouse...…...and of course Les Tomlinson singing away as usual to his left.

Oh the guy in the sailors hat? That old Dave Garland. Think it was his big day.
Top right looks like Tommy Gallagher shouting into Derek Jenkinsons ear.


Editors note - Spot on Terry, and yes, it was Dave's big day.
#2 terry 2019-06-09 13:21
Only two I can't remember.
The guy behind the 'young lad' is a toss up between John Barnett and Mike Kelly.

First photo I have seen of Bill Pritchard in over 50 years Just in front of Brian Hanney and one of the best John Leonard Williams.

The rest? You guys sort em out. Only the ones half hidden and the guy with the mustache (I think I knew him)………
#1 terry 2019-06-08 14:59
I'll start.
Gareth Davis second from right front row.
No idea who the guy is to his left. I think he was a sailor...……....

Editors note - Many thanks Terry. One down and 21 to go. The guy to the right of Gareth "sailed" away from Bermuda. The guy to his left could certainky claim maritime fame!

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