These men in our latest "Who, Where and When" photo really take us back in time, and if you weren't in the Bermuda Police during the early/mid-1960's you will no doubt have problems recognizing some of the police officers in it.  Sadly, we just one  more of these "old timers" in December 2018 with the passing for retired Commissioner Fred "Penny" Bean who is front and centre in the front row of this photo.  We wanted to know if you can name them all and would you have any idea where and when this photo was taken?  

Thanks to several of our readers we have named everyone as shown in the caption below the photo.   We believe it was taken at a retirement reception for Commissioner Bean. We are not absolutely sure of the date which was probably in 1992, around the time of Mr. Bean's retirement, and we are not sure exactly where it was taken but we believe it was on the same day, and at the same location as several photos we included in the "Hall of Fame" article on Commissioner Bean which you can view at

The photo includes great stalwarts of the Bermuda Police  -  Eddie "Boxhead" Foggo who served from 1961-1989, Dudley Swan 1951-1981, Hubert Simmons 1950-1980, Harry Lister 1956-1981, Leon Bean 1953-1977 Hilton "Jellybean" Wingood 1955-1986, Howard Mitchell 1942- 1971,    Westmore Bean 1945-1971,  "Mike" Cann 1948-1971, and of course Fred "Penny" Bean 1956-1991.  

Between them they served in the Bermuda Police for over 280 years, starting with young P.C. Howard Mitchell who joined at the height of World War II in 1942, through to the retirement of "Penny" Bean in 1991.

Sadly we have lost all of these  former colleagues with two exceptions, Hilton "Jellybean" Wingood and Dudley Swan, both of whom attend some of our ExPo functions and we hope to see them  for a good few more years. 

Stalwarts of the Bermuda Police
(l-r)  Insp Eddie "Boxhead" Foggo, D/Insp Dudley Swan,
Insp Hubert Simmons, Insp Harry Lister, Insp Leon Bean
Chief Insp Hilton "Jellybean" Wingood, P.C. Howard Mitchell, COP Fred "Penny" Bean,
D.C. Westmore Bean, and D.C. "Mike" Cann
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#10 Terry 2019-01-18 18:04
Well the photo was taken at the PRC in Prospect.
As for 1992 I know your wrong about that time frame and I mean no wrong by saying that.

I was working at Market Place just prior to this as a truck driver and we had just moved our warehouse from Heron Bay months prior to SAL area.

Penny was retired and working for a company in the next area but part of the complex. He would at times ask to borrow one of our forklifts if his broke/or ran out of gas ((LP).

I left Bermuda in 1991 so he was retired.
Happy new Year.

Editors note - Thanks Terry I found this photo, along with several others, in a special photo album presented to Penny for his retirement and it was clearly a social function. Another couple featured in the Hall of Fame article on Penny, such as the one with him, Lyn Place and Carole Royer, and one of Penny with his wife, Elaine. I figured it would be about the time of his retirement, or just before because the album was presented to him on his actual retirement. I'm open to any suggestions re the exact date.
#9 Terry 2018-12-28 17:40
Editors note - George knows Nanabread's name very well because he's writing an article specifically about him.

I am sure he does. I was just reflecting from memory because there are not too many of us left that remember these people.

I'll have to learn to be quiet.

Editors note - No need to be quiet Terry. One thing for sure - those of us who were around with Nanabread was active will never forget one of our most active "clients"!
#8 Terry 2018-12-26 17:19
Western CID office at Prospect. How many remember that?
CID had an office next door where the "Gruff" Hammond ruled.

They would turn up at times back in the 60's when I was a Cadet.

Morris Minors all over the place at that tinme but as stated only one drove and no; they did not always work the nite shift.....
#7 Terry 2018-12-23 21:01
[quote name="George Rose"]I never drove with “Mike” Cann at any time but I did work with him over a case of breaking, entering and stealing in 1969 in Warwick Parish. A notorious criminal by the name of ‘Nanabread’ Robinson is the surname your looking for George.

Editors note - George knows Nanabread's name very well because he's writing an article specifically about him.
#6 Dave O Meara 2018-12-23 09:49
Don t know where or when but the guy top left is that Boxhead

Editors note - Spot on Dave.
#5 mike cherrry 2018-12-22 17:49
back row l to r ?Wayne Perinchief, Dudley Swan, Hubert Simmons, Harry Lister, Leon Bean.
front Hilton "Jelly Bean" Wingood, Howard Mitchell. Fred "Penny" Bean, Westmore Bean, Mike Cann.
no idea where or when, but could be part of the Police Choir.
Mike Cherry

Editors note - Mike was right to add a question mark when he named the guy at top left as possibly Wayne Perinchief. Its;s not Wayne so we still need his name and also where and when the photo was taken. Many thanks Mike.
#4 George Rose 2018-12-20 21:30
I never drove with “Mike” Cann at any time but I did work with him over a case of breaking, entering and stealing in 1969 in Warwick Parish. A notorious criminal by the name of ‘Nanabread’ was plying his trade in the parish. I’m working on an article about this case in which "Mike" played a major role and will hopefully submit it for Expo publication soon. "Mike" and "Spike" were two valuable guys and great assets
to the Force in those days.

Editors note - From all accounts "Mike and Spike" were legends for solving crime in Western Division.
#3 George Rose 2018-12-20 21:23
Detective Constable George Herman Ransom “Mike” Cann is shown at front right in the above photo. He was part of the “Mike” and “Spike” CID team which worked primarily out of Western Division during the mid-late 1960’s. Neither Earl “Spike” Hazel nor “Mike” Cann possessed a driving licence but they were each paired occasionally with an officer working out of Central CID to make up the week-long night CID shift covering the Island.

I remember driving “Spike” Hazel during one such shift 50 years ago in the winter of 1968. “Spike” was a man of few words. He always wore his signature Trilby hat during the night patrol in the Morris Minor. He kept both hands placed on his knees looking straight ahead and he never spoke to Ops on the car radio throughout the entire patrol. Towards the end of each shift around 0530, I would drive him to a rendezvous point with the Western patrol car who would transport him to his home in the Somerset area.

Editors note - Many thanks George. I heard about the duo Mike and Spike but never worked with them at all.
#2 Terry Bawden 2018-12-20 13:31
Rear left Eddie Foggo (Boxhead) and next to him Cuddly Dudley Swan.

Spot on Terry
#1 Terry 2018-12-16 13:11
Worked with everyone of them except the gentleman front row right.
I know them all and the only one who's name skips my mind is just whom I mentioned.

And that's my cousin Howard front row second from left.

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