It seems appropriate this week to post this photo of a very happy group of our colleagues at a time when we are mourning the loss of one of them who had a hugely positive impact on the Bermuda Police during his 8 years in the job.  

I believe there is a very similar photo of this same group elsewhere on our website so it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out who is present, and when and where it was taken.  All in all the group has done well healthwise with most still with us, but can you not only name them but also let us know where they are and what they are doing these days.   Sadly there are, of course, a few who are no longer with us, and they are Roy Chandler, Vic Richmond and now Pat McBride.

A Reunion held at Pompano Beach Club for 20th Anniversary
of them joining the Bermuda Police in 1966
(l-r)  Gerry Ardis, Pat McBride, Malcy Smith, Stanley Hill, Dennis Brookes, Dave Cook,
Roy "Chief" Chandler, Reese Bartley, John Graham, Davie Kerr, Vic Richmond and Dave Ashurst 


Davie Kerr has provided the names of everyone in this photo and he was also correct in saying that this one, or one similar, has previously been published on our website.

In fact,  the same group appear together with their wives/spouses in a photo which you can view with the title, "A Social Gathering" published in 2016, at  

There has been some doubt about where this photo was taken with Davie Kerr thinking it was probably at Elbow Beach, but we have been assured by Stanley Hill, who was present at the reunion with his wife, Hilary, that it was definitely held at Pompano Beach Club.

The occasion was a dinner to celebrate the group having been in Bermuda for 2o years, with the exception of "Chief" Roy Chandler who was OIC Training School at the time of their Training Course in 1966.  Missing from the group are Barrie Mancell and George Rushe who may have been off Island for this reunion, and also "Bones" Fraser who sadly had taken his own life.

Please also note that one of the above was already on Island back in 1966, and that, of course, was Chief Inspector Roy Chandler who was in charge of the Training School when they all arrived here.

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#6 Terry 2018-12-12 18:32
1966-1986 = 20.

Editors note - My maths is poor. Thanks Terry.
#5 Terry 2018-12-12 15:59
Well that just proves that two wrongs don't make a right.

And yes it has been posted before.

Editors note - That's the great thing about this "Who, Where and When" column. We all have faulty memories but collectively we can hopefully come up with the right answers to most things.
#4 Terry 2018-12-11 14:04
It was Hamilton Princess.
Chief Chandler took over security after he retired.

Editors note - Please see additional information above. It is believed that this function was held at Pompano Beach Club
#3 Davie Kerr 2018-12-09 16:01
And the ones sadly no longer with us are Pat McBride, Vic Richmond (who, oddly enough, I first met at Scottish Police College in 1965 when our respective courses overlapped) and Chief Chandler. As far as I know, all the rest are still alive and kicking in various parts of the world....
#2 Davie Kerr 2018-12-09 15:58
This pic has appeared somewhere previously and has been commented on, but I'll add the names here anyway.
The pic was taken in 1986 of as many people as possible who joined the Bermuda Police back in the balmy days of 1966 (along with our Training Officer, former CI Roy Chandler), and I THINK it was taken at Elbow Beach but I'm open to correction there.
Anyway, from L, the people are:-
Gerry Ardis, Pat McBride, Malky Smith, Stan Hill, Denis Brookes, Dave Cook, Roy Chandler, Reese Bartley, John Graham, Davie Kerr, Vic Richmond and Dave Ashurst.
#1 terry 2018-11-12 18:06
Worked with everyone of the guys shown except Chief Chandler who taught us.
Looks like a Princess reeyooyon

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