We just poached this photo of a group of smartly dressed men from Pete Giles Facebook page   -  with apologies to Pete.  We are enquiring who is in the photo, when and where was it taken, and what was the auspicious occasion?


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#1 terry 2018-04-23 13:58
What happened to the replies with regard to this photo.
Editors note - Terry, I'm in the UK at the moment and don't have the best access to the website but I don't recall any replies as yet, although I have to admit that I just spent an hour deleting hundreds of comments from bloggers who have nothing to do with ExPo and post comments selling their products. etc.

I do believe we have previously posts this same photo but searching the website on my IPod with a super slow internet connection is impossible at the moment.

Please feel free to submit your recollections of this photo.

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