A Merry Christmas Indeed


It was with a twinge of sadness that we posted this photo of a group of young men clearly enjoying a very Merry Christmas dinner, complete with their very professional looking chef bringing out the turkey.

We asked if you could help us to identify all those in the photo, along with exactly where and when it was taken? 

The photo was taken at Palm Springs in Paget on Christmas Day 1966, and the "head chef" is none other than Bill Pritchard who wrote and named those present as (l-r)  the late Willie Galloway (who was tragically killed in a road accident while riding his Police motor cycle in April 1968),  a young man from the U.S.A.F Police at Kindley Air Force Base,   Malcolm "Malcy" Smith,  Bill Pritchard with the turkey, the late Gordon Howard (who went on to a career in banking, and also tragically died a couple of years ago in a house fire at his home), and probably Alan White (Bill remembered his name as Ian) who served from September 1966 - July 1968.  Bill believes that Alan later took his own life but we cannot confirm it at this time.    

Very sad to realize that of the six happy young men in this photograph, half of them died before their time.

Christmas Dinner at Palm Springs, Paget, 1966
(l-r)  Willie Galloway, unknown USAF Police Officer,  
Malcolm "Malcy" Smith, Gordon Howard, and believed Alan White

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