Who is this "Best Dressed" crew?

Here's a "Who, When and Where" photo with a difference!.  We asked if you could hazard a guess as to who are the FOUR persons in this photograph, where are they, and when was it taken?  See the answer below.

Cooper Ward, KEMH -  5th March 2014
(l-r)   Dave Barber, Kathy Albuoy, Steve Shaw and Vic Richmond

It's not often we post a "new" photo in our Who, When and Where column but we decided to make an exception on this oaccsion.  This photo was taken on Wednesday afternoon 5th March in Cooper Ward at King Edward Hospital, and just in case you didn’t recognize our former colleagues they are, from left to right, Dave Barber, Head Nurse and former WPC Kathy Albuoy,  Pete “Shag” Shaw, and Vic Richmond.

As our readers will know from a recent report in our “Keeping in Touch” column, Dave Barber has been having some health issues, and on this occasion he’d lost the use of his right leg and was experiencing pains in it.  He was admitted to Cooper Ward and was given a blood transfusion after it was discovered he had a low hemoglobin count. He was also put on a course of antibiotics and is scheduled to see a visiting pain specialist.

Dave recalled being admitted to KEMH about the same time last year and recognizing the voice of another patient who was brought to the ward. On that occasion is was Bill  Butterworth who had a heart problem which resulted in Bill having surgery abroad for which he appears to have made a good recovery because he’s now back on the golf course.

On this latest occasion Dave heard another familiar voice being brought into the room. It was Vic Richmond who had been admitted with an irregular heart beat.  Dave reckons they hadn’t seen each other for about 15 years and they spent time catching up on their happenings. 

The two were being given excellent care by Head Nurse, Kathy Albuoy,  who many of those who served in Western Division in particular will remember as a young WPC when Dave Barber was an Inspector.

Another patient who popped into their room was Pete Shaw who had apparently suffered a heart flutter playing golf last weekend.  Typical of Shag, he shrugged it off and rode home on his bike, only to be admitted to hospital and into ICU for observation.  We understand that there were no rooms available on the wards so Pete spent several days in ICU before being released.

Dave had just arrived home from the hospital when we spoke to him on Saturday 7th March, and he understands that Vic went up to Lahey Clinic for an operation, and Pete, who was also released, might also follow suit and head to Lahey.

We will do our best to keep you posted on their progress.



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#9 Phil Taylor 2014-03-13 15:35
Shag has stated that he is now restricted to one beer a day, but in the eyes of the Great Shagapotumus, "Nobody told me what size beer!"
#8 Don Urquihart 2014-03-11 18:26
Shag, you dont look a bit different from the MCPS in 1982! I cannot beleieve it, what are you taking?

Don Urquhart
#7 Terry 2014-03-09 18:16
Irony is; never bemoan or shut out your juniors.

Great job Kathy.
#6 pete shaw 2014-03-09 15:45
Doing good. Back to work tomorrow. Fibulation problem. Back in sync. Shag

Editors note - Great news Shag. See you out on the golf course.
#5 Terry 2014-03-09 14:15
Thank you Roger for the update.
Times get a bit harder as we age but that is life and there is no denial.

Slow down and smell the oleander. I have been blessed with good health to date but one never knows. One day at a time and be thankful we made it this far and have enjoyed so much. Really.

As they say in Birmyoodah..... Yoo lutt gatt baddar soon ain taik Ker.
#4 Davie Kerr 2014-03-09 10:17
Sick-ies U-ni-ted!
Seriously, hope that the three fellas all got out (or will soon get out) cured, and they didn't give Kathy-Ann too much hassle while they were in!
#3 Terry 2014-03-08 17:03
The clue here is in Dave's appearance.
Peter has a watch, Vic has a watch and Dave looks like he doesn't give a s.....
After examining the photo closer with my Google X-Pat Chromium it appears that this is not in Michael Dunkleys Homo Extraction room.

I need a rum.

A great day to all.
#2 Terry 2014-03-08 14:05
Then again, it could be overseas at a Rum Convention.
#1 Terry 2014-03-08 14:04
We have Dave Barber, Peter Shaw and Vic Richmond.
The Lady; no clue as it looks like well after my time and I have been gone 24 years.

Looks like one of those.....'What the hell you doing here jobs. We were spoze too meat at dee Pee Arh Cee et 5pm'.

A great day to all.

Editors note - Spot on Terry except for the young lady who you would not be expected to know for the reason you gave. Will explain more after a few more comments.

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