We received this photo of the October 1970 Familiarisation (Localisation) Course from Bob Porritt in April 2016.  We could find no record of any of the Localisation Courses at Police Headquarters or at the Training School so if anyone has one in their possession that is not included in this album we would ask that you scan it and send us a copy in the highest possible resolution.  As you can see from this image, Bob scanned both the original photo and the caption which is very useful, but if you were to enter any of the above names in our website search engine they would not appear because they are in the image itself.  For this reason we are including the caption in regular typing below.
One reason for publishing these photos is to jog memories about your colleagues from many years ago.  We would be delighted if you could provide us with any details of where they are now and perhaps what you are doing these days in the Comments section below.
Back Row (standing) L-R  Stuart Lambert, Mick Hale, Ian Begg, Derek Smith, Frank Dowie, Paul Brown,
Bill Butterworth, Norrie Galbraith, Steve Shaw, Bob Porritt, Pete Clemmett, John Aitken. 
Centre (seated)  -  Andy Lavery, John Freeborough, Colin Fairburn, Pete Blogg, Ray Jones, John Arlott. 
Front Row (seated)  -  Gwyn Lewis, Hugh Foster, Sgt Dick Murphy, Insoector Dave Parsons,
Sgt Barrie Meade, Bill Lawson, and Alistair Reid.
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