Sergeant Dave Cann (duCann)  
Served from January 1965 – August 1976
Dave Cann 

We recently heard from Dave Cann after we posted of photo of him on our “Who, When and Where” page with the legendary performer, Tom Jones, during a visit to Bermuda. The photo (CLICK HERE to view it) was taken at the airport when Dave was in charge of Travel Control at the Airport.

Young P.C. Dave Cann outside the Police Club at Prospect

Dave joined the Bermuda Police in January 1965 and after Training School he was posted to Central Division (Hamilton Police Station). After passing his Basic and Advanced driving courses he was transferred to Traffic where he remained until moving to Special Branch in September 1971.

Dave Cann on duty in the Operations Room at Traffic - 1966
Traffic Watch – October 1966
(l-r)  Dave Cann, Barrie Mancell, Sgt Mike Kelly, Bob Hay,
Jeff Payne, John Instone, Dick Johnson

He attended a Travel Control Course following which he was promoted to Sergeant, and was Sergeant in charge of Travel Control from early 1972 before moving back to Special Branch around 1973-1974 until he resigned in August 1976.

Members of the original Travel Control Unit - 1971
(l-r) Alister Reid, Eddie Edwards, Dave Ashurst,Andy Bermingham, and Dave Cann

Dave and his wife Arlene returned to England where he operated a Wine bar in Leicester for 6 years, before he, Arlene and daughter Michelle embarked on a round the world trip and ending up falling in love with New Zealand.

Dave surveys his "empire" -  du Cann’s Wine Bar in Leicester

During their world tour they were kindly accommodated by George's ex wife Sylvia Rose in Heidelberg, Alex and Philippa Sommerville in Hong Kong, and Malcolm and Maggie Edwards in Perth, WA. Dave returned to the UK to sell their house in England before moving to New Zealand in 1985.

Dave worked as Senior Fraud Investigator in Wellington for the Bank of New Zealand for 18 years before taking early retirement. He says, “My main role then was I/C card fraud investigation. I spent most of the time liaising with the Auckland CIB Fraud Squad, Wellington Fraud Squad and the Serious Fraud Office. Those locations having the majority of white collar crime in the country.”

When asked about contacts with other former Bermuda colleagues, Dave explained that in the early days he maintained occasional contact with John Copas who was head of security for Air New Zealand in Auckland. He also visited Clive Crossman and family in Auckland. Clive was serving in the New Zealand Police

I always kept in touch in Auckland with my mate and best man at my wedding, Alan Keagle who moved here before me. You may remember that he was married to Roy Chandler’s daughter Fiona but they divorced a long time ago.”

Dave with his groomsmen on wedding day 28th February 1970
(l-r) Paul Farrell, Dave Cann, Alan Keagle, Mike Jent, Paul Wakefield

“Over the years Alan rose to become a very senior officer in the New Zealand Police but, as you may be aware, died in tragic circumstances in March 1999. Arlene and I were at his funeral.

“Talking of Arlene, we have been apart for 11 years and are divorced. I live quietly alone in a small cottage on a 1 hectare property in the Wairarapa just outside Masterton - a small town of 20,000. Our daughter Michelle went back to live in Leicester many years ago, and with her partner of 10 years, has now provided me with a grandson Lucas aged nearly three, whom I have yet to see.

Michelle holds a senior position with British Gas and I have not seen her for 10 years apart from briefly at my brother’s funeral in South Africa in 2010. I just do not have any disposable income to travel these days unlike you well off Bermudians!!

However I am in good health and attach a recent photo for you as requested.

Dave Cann at home in New Zealand

Apart from Alan, another sad occasion was the funeral of Paul Farrell in London many years ago. I was living in Ketton, near Stamford where John McQuaid  had visited me, and Roger Kendall very kindly came over and drove us all the way to London for the funeral as I knew I was going to have quite a few drinks. At the funeral (among many others) I met Mike Caulkett, the first time I had seen him in years. I used to see a lot of Dai and Chris Thomas as Dai was running his own wine bar in London then, having done some training with me in his new craft at du Cann's Wine Bar in Leicester.

Dave explained that his family changed their name from Cann to du Cann in 1977.

“Of those ex-cops now living in the UK I have always stayed in touch with Alex and Philippa Sommerville, occasionally Alister Reid, more recently Davie Kerr, and Dave Adam contacted me recently. He and his wife Patti are now retired and living on Vancouver Island. BC.

Maurice “Moby” Pett and Dave get together to reminisce
during Moby and Bron’s trip to New Zealand in 2011

“Moby and Bron Pett stayed with me during their tour of NZ a couple of years ago, but  the Mancell’s did not manage to come by during their tour  last year. Other than that I think most of the ex Bermuda guys nearest to me live in Australia, as you will be aware.”

There is no doubt that Dave enjoyed a great social life while in Bermuda as some of the photos below will attest. It has been mentioned elsewhere on our website but Dave also has the unique distinction of having been one of the first pair of boxers to step into the ring for our first ever Evening of Boxing held at the PRC in 1969. Dave and George Rose were the first “lambs to the slaughter” on that memorable evening although it should be noted that Dave triumphed with a technical knockout in the 2nd round to record the first ever win. Dave is still trying to dig out his photos of this event -his first ever boxing match. The secret to that fight was that, whilst George was larking around in the PRC, Dave was doing boxing-fitness training with (then Sergeant) Gerry James!!

BBQ duty at a party Tony Diggins and Dave Adam
Dave and Arlene relaxing with Carola Farrell and her dalmation, Ringo
Nick and Viv Hall in a party mood
Mike Caulkett, Derek?, Mike Kelly and Dave relaxing at poolside during a party
Celebrating Christmas
(l-r)  Mike Caulkett, Carola and Paul Farrell,  John and Glenys Stockdale, and Dave   

Dave points out that the photos used in 'Kilting Around' were taken at the cottage he was then renting on Knapton Hill which was located next to his landlord, Noel Hill, whose son Stanley later joined the Police Force. Dave isn’t sure whether or not he had any influence over Stan deciding to join the Police!

Dave may be living out in New Zealand but he manages to check our website from time to time from the other side of the globe.  It was great to hear from him.

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#12 Davie Kerr 2014-10-02 18:26
Gary, interesting to hear from you. Alan and I were pretty good mates: we had neighbouring rooms in Parker Block in the Police barracks; we played together in the football and hockey teams; we occasionally hacked around Ocean View Golf Course together; and once in a while we even worked together! The last time I saw him was during his UK visit in '87, and I was very sad to hear of his untimely death back in '99.
#11 Garry Small 2014-10-01 14:04
Alan Keagle was my cousin and some of my only recollections of him were as a teenager before he moved to Bermuda.
The last time I saw him was in the mid 90s when his mum Joyce had a stroke and he flew back from NZ.
It's good to find some more info about him as I have fond memories if him and also his sister Mags.

Editors note - Alan was a great policeman, an outstanding goalkeeper, and a terrific driving instructor who was very popular with all of his fellow officers. Many of us share those same fond memories.
#10 mike cherry 2014-05-07 11:41
I can confirm that the Derek above is indeed Derek "Father" Burgess.
He is godfather to our son Dennis but passed away some years ago.

Editors note - Many thanks Mike. Sorry to hear that Derek is no longer with us.
#9 Davie Kerr 2014-05-07 03:35
Your Worship, I respectfully rest my case.....
#8 Terry 2014-05-06 16:27
And I joined on the 1st February 1967.
As for Stan, I would suggest a quick email.
I do remember him working but not having attended a Basic Course. There were a few guys that did same.
Also Larry Smith and Dennis Ramsey having GCE's and joined as Cadets but were eligible for basic training at age 19 because of that.
I had to wait until I was 20. I never did graduate High School and was promised all this by the late Oliver Trott through the Cadet Scheme.

All I did was work my ass off running Dispatch and working Admin as most know.

But that is another chapter in my life.


Editors note - Fortunately, I have both Stan and Terry's records on file. Stan joined as a Constable on 1st December 1966, and there is no mention in his file that he ever worked as a Cadet.

Terry was appointed as a Cadet on 1st February 1967 until 25th November 1969, and was appointed as a Constable on 26th November 1969 serving until 20th October 1984.
#7 Davie Kerr 2014-05-05 17:07
There was recently on this website a photo of Stan Hill's Basic Training Course, which included the 5 Barbadians (Messrs Beckles, Caddle, Carter, Cumberbatch and Hinds) who all joined after I did, hence my reasoning that Stan's Basic Course was after my Localisation Course.

Barrie and I were on the same Advanced Driving Course in Jan '69, and were posted to Traffic shortly afterwards: the reason I'm not in that watch photo is because I wasn't on that watch!

Editors Note - You got it absolutely right Davie. Although Stanley's joining date was on 18th July 1966, which was 4 months before your arrival, he must have worked as either a Cadet or an untrained Constable until his Basic Training Course which, according to Stan, ran from March - May 1967.

The photo you refer to was featured in our Who, When and Where column and can be found at

Just for the record, Bryant Richards and Fred Beach joined on 1st December 1966, and Cleve Foggo joined on 6th February 1967, while the West Indians guys you mentioned all joined on 1st February.
#6 Terry 2014-05-05 14:15
Quoting Davie Kerr:
Must respectfully query the date of Oct '66 for the photo of the Traffic watch including Barrie Mancell, as he didn't join the Bermuda Police until the following month: I know that to be true, as we came over on the same plane! Oct '69 is more likely, as we were both posted to Traffic earlier that year.

So you and Barry came over in 1965 which means you joined in November.
Your not in the picture.
Back it up.

Editors note - Our records indicate that Davie Kerr did indeed join the Force on 14th November 1966 along with Barrie Mancell, Gerry Ardis, George Rushe, Malcy Smith and the Late Dave Fraser. It would have been at least a couple of years before Barrie was posted to Traffic because he, George Rushe and I lived at Lukin Cottage in Devonshire for a while and neither Barrie nor George worked in Traffic while living there to the best of my recollection.
#5 Mike Caulkett 2014-05-04 06:42
Really good to hear of you Dave and to see that you are well following an interesting life and career. Your photos bring back many happy memories together with some sad ones, Alan Keagle was a lovely chap who before Bermuda served in my old force in the UK.
Best wishes
#4 Davie Kerr 2014-05-04 03:30
Must respectfully query the date of Oct '66 for the photo of the Traffic watch including Barrie Mancell, as he didn't join the Bermuda Police until the following month: I know that to be true, as we came over on the same plane! Oct '69 is more likely, as we were both posted to Traffic earlier that year.
#3 Davie Kerr 2014-05-04 03:25
Stan actually joined in '66: I think his course was the one immediately after mine.

Editors note - Our records show that Stanley Hill joined on 18th July 1966, about 4 months before Davie arrived on 14th November 1966 so Stan's course would have been the one immediately before Davie's unless he spent a few months as a Cadet.

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