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We have received a request from Nicole Young in the Government Pensions (Benefits) Department for information about our good friend, former Sgt Ron Wallace who served in the Bermuda Police from August 1963 to February 1990.

To the best of our knowledge Ron returned to his native Scotland after his retirement. We have consulted with our expert on all things Scottish, Davie Kerr who had heard second-hand that Ron was believed to be living in a Perthshire village caller Auchterarder, but that was over 10 years ago.

If anyone can assist us re Ron's present wherabouts it would be much appreciated and we would be happy to put him in touch with Nicole.

For anyone reading this who is a former Bermuda Police Officer but is not included on our List of Colleagues, which can be found at,  we would be delighted to hear from you, and if you send us your contact details we would be pleased to include you on our List.  We would also be willing to search through the Police Register at Police HQ for your file which usually includes a copy of your old warrant card photo which we could send to you.  This photo of Ron when he was a Sergeant is copied from his file in the Register.


26th May 2019

Shortly after posting the above request for information about Ron Wallace,  we heard from George Rose who had spotted the fact that the internet site Pic Click in the U.K. had been used to sell a Bermuda Police Long Service medal and bar in the name of Ronald Wallace. The sale was completed on 7th March this year (the medal sold for £207.09).  This would probably indicate that Ron is no longer with us but we are still trying to confirm whether that is correct.

John Skinner informs us that Ron was awarded his LSM on the same day as Owen Marsh, Cyril Plant and himself in 1985.  Ron married his first wife, Patricia, while living here in Bermuda and they had a son, Michael.  We understand that after Ron and Pat divorced, Pat and Michael went to live in England.  John recalls that Pat died a few years ago, and that Michael had joined the Metropolitan Police.   With that in mind we have been in touch with our good friend Ken Van Thal who joined the Met after leaving Bermuda, and Ken is very kindly making enquiries to see if he can locate any information about Michael.  We will keep you informed of our progress.



8th June 2019

I have to report that Ken Van Thal is going above and beyond the call of duty trying to track down Ron Wallace.  Ken has checked with Ron's old school in Scotland, with no luck; he has also checked with the Met where they have no less than five Michael Wallace's in their Force.  It's not easy obtaining any inform about them, but Ken has spoken with one who is not related to Ron, and he is trying to contact the others.    Many thanks Ken for all your efforts.


10th June 2019

I mentioned above that Ken Van Thal was going above and beyond the call of duty in trying to locate Ron Wallace. Well, Ken utilized  all of his investigative skills and has finally managed to locate Ron to a nursing home in Perth and has been in touch with Ron's partner.  Will try to obtain a little more information about how he's doing these  days but we understand that he's not doing too badly.

If Ken was still in the BPS I would be recxommending him for a Commissioner's Commendation for sure.  Once again, many thanks Ken for solving the problem.  Have informed the Government Pension Department accordingly.



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#4 Mike Jent 2019-07-30 07:48
To any who may be interested, Ron is at present in Craigieknowes Care Home, Craigie Knowes Road, Perth PH2 0DG. I have written a short letter to Ron.

Editors note - Many thanks Mike. Let us know if you get a response.
#3 Mike Jent 2019-07-03 07:07
It would be nice to contact Ron, he was one of the Sgt's I worked under, to send him some good wishes etc. Is there an address available?

Hi Mike, Have just returned home to Bermuda after a vacation in the Norwegian fiords where cyberspace was cyberslow. ill check and let you know.
#2 terry 2019-06-04 17:31
Well why don't you tell us all what you mean by the "Scots system".

As for searching the internet re an obituary it's quite simple but not a priority for me thank you.


Editors note - Just for your information Terry, we have been checking obituaries in areas where Ron was believed to have resided. There are well over 150 newspapers published in Scotland alone. We have also been making extensive enquires to locate his son who worked or may still be working in the Metropolitan Police. At latest report there are five Mike Wallace's presently employed by the Met. Your flippant comment about checking the "Scots system" because its "quite simple" is totally uncalled for, Surely you can find the time to at least check on half of those newspapers in the "Scots system".
#1 terry 2019-05-21 16:53
Obits and other public records should work.

Editors note - Hi Terry. You also mentioned the "Scots system" or something similar which will have the answer re Ron. Please free to look on the internet yourself and let us know how you get on. Happy to give you credit where credit is due.

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