Who's arriving on this BOAC Flight?

We posted this photo of a smart group of young men getting off a BOAC flight, but wanted to know who are they, when did they arrive, and who is out on the tarmac to greet them?  Is there anyone on the gangway who is NOT a new recruit?

Alex Forbes tells us that he recognizes this photo - as well he should! He is one of the group of new recruits arriving in Bermuda on this BOAC flight from the U.K. The date was 24th September 1963. Would you believe it - 50 years ago next year!

He identifies the persons in the photo (from right to left) as follows:

Greeting the plane are Inspector Tommy Doyle and Chief Inspector Roy Chandler. The passengers are (from the bottom of the gangway) - Terry Lambert, Alex Forbes, Robert “Bob” Holdbrook, Malcolm Robishaw, Ian Scotland, Dave Chew (facing left), Alan Wilkinson immediately behind Dave Chew, Alan Kennedy (to the right of Alan Wilkinson), Peter Stubbs looking towards the wing, and Len Mustard chatting to a gentleman believed to be a member of the BOAC ground staff or crew.

We asked who was the odd man out, and Alex had no problem remembering that Peter Stubbs was already on the Force and was returning from a holiday in England (with George Goddard who is not in the photograph).

Alex also points out that another “odd man out” was Ian Douris who was supposed to catch the flight but missed the plane and was still in Dundee! He flew out 2 days later to join the course. We believe it’s possible that Ian Douris is now living in New England and that Len Mustard is the Town Crier in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island.

We would appreciate any information about Ian, Len, and anyone in the photograph who is not in Bermuda. Sadly, we are aware that Terry Lambert and Alan Wilkinson passed away a few years ago.

The above photo was kindly provided by Peter Stubbs who confirms the details given by Alex.

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#3 Christine Douris 2015-07-28 23:08
Ian Douris, who is not in the picture taken on his birthday, was my dad. He passed away Monday after a prolonged illness. You were right and he did move to New England and thankfully, into our lives. He travelled all over the world and made hundreds of friends. He was the sweetest man I ever met and no one could say a bad word about him.
His stories about Bermuda were some of my favorites. It's lovely to see his name here. Thanks for the smile
#2 Len Mustard 2015-06-15 19:22
Greetings, from Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada, which has been home for me or over 40 years.
Yes, I am the guy at the top of the ramp, chatting to a BOAC employee.
I was in Bda, for the Town Crier World Championships (in 2000 I believe) and enjoyed meeting several colleagues from the old days, including Alan Kennedy and Boxhead "Foggo".
Roger Sherratt has encouraged me to write at greater length, about the interval between my Bda service and now, and I promise to find the time and do it....soon. Meanwhile, I welcome any and all contacts by email.
Len Mustard ex- PC 221

Editors note - Great to hear from you Len, We have Len's email address and are happy to pass it on to anyone who would like to make contact with him.
#1 Malcolm Robishaw 2012-09-28 05:58
I am now a retired police inspector living in Lytham England where I grew up. I keep in touch with Dave Chew and Alex Forbes and funnily enough I have recently been liaising with Dave Chew about a possible 5oth reunion next year.

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