Why this Gathering?

We said the poeple in this photo all has something  in common – apart from being police officers, and asked of you could tell us who is in the group, where and when  this photo was  taken, and what was the reason for them being together.  Phil Taylor, who is featured in the photo,  was able to let us know that it's a photo of the Central Parishes team along with their senior officers, and was taken circa 1980 outside the PRC at Prospect.

Phil says, "I believe it was for the sake of having a photo of a 'motley crew' "!  He was able to identift everyone with no problem and they are listed below.

Central Parishes Team and Senior Officers - circa 1980
Top row (l-r) -  Ron Beech, Ken McDowell, Phil Taylor, Wilbert McLean, Richard "Rocky" Ironmonger
Front row -  Robert "Bob" Anthony, Chief Inspector Alan "Harry" Lister, Supt Harold Moniz, Sgt Campbell Simons, and WPC Barbara Clarke


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