Disco Dungeon!

We were  certain that anyone who ever visited this particular venue would immediately know exactly where it is.  It was obviously in the cellar of the PRC which was used during the 70's as a venue for Disco parties.  The guy in the photo is, of course, Dave Walker,  who was not a policeman but spent many hours at the PRC and was a regular member Prospect football. CLICK HERE to read more about Dave in our "Then and Now" column.   There seems to be a minor dispute about whether "Brits drank Schaeffer beer"! One thing for sure -  beer was consumed, whatever the brand.

This same cellar was used for a while as a storage area for official police files after the Police took over what had previously been the Prospect Army Garrison.  Sadly,  the vast majority of records simply rotted in the damp conditions and much of our history was destroyed when the then Commissioner George Robins ordered that the records be disposed of. Fortunately, an enterprising young police constable, Ted Burton,  who was given responsibility for getting rid of the old files,  used his initiative and picked out some of the most important files which have since been placed in the official Government Archives.  Ted Burton went on to write a series of articles in the Bermuda Historical Quarterly about the history of the Bermuda Police, all of which are an invaluable source of historical information.

The cellar was also used during the 1960's for parties to which nurses and other young ladies were invited and there were times when it was almost impossible to move in there - let alone dance.  Those were the days!

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