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It wasn't too difficult to figure out  these lads worked in Marine Section.  The photo was taken next to the Marine Police Station at Barr's Bay Park about 1973 -1974.  We have listed their names, and Dave Garland, who was the Sergeant in charge of Marine Section at that time,  tells us that Graham Maddocks has been serving in the BC Police at their training centre as an instructor.  The last Dave heard about Les Tomlinson was that he was living in Baildon West Yorks, and  that Peter Swann lives in  Northallerton where he has a business.  Ex Sgt Jimmy Woodword is a relation of Peter’s and also lived in Northallerton.   As for the rest of the crew,  Alax Armfield, Dave Garland, Jerry Ardis and Andy Lavery are all here in Bermuda, while Paul Wakefield lives in the U.S. but visits here quite regularly.

Marine Section - circa 1973-1974
Standing (l-r)  Alex Arnfield, Graham Maddocks, Peter Swann, Les Tomlinson, Jerry Ardis
Seated -  Paul Wakefield, Dave Garland and Andy Lavery

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