Kilting Around

We recently received these three photos that were clearly taken at the same function.  We were concerned about possible censorship due to the Celtic content of the second photo but decided to take a chance!  

The photos were kindly sent to us by Dave Cann who is featured in our latest “Then and  Now” article (CLICK HERE for the article on Dave).

Dave advises that they were taken at a party at Highland Cottage on Knapton Hill in about 1966.  He says his recollection of the party is "somewhat vague" but he recalls that “Chalky” White and Mick Mason got into as much trouble as anyone could in those days and either fled or disappeared to  Canada

We believe the persons in Photo 1 to be (l-r) standing Alex "Sandy" Sommerville, George Bale, Alan "Bex" Bissell, Dave Cann, Bill Pritchard. Seated (l-r) Brian "Chalky" White, Mick Mason and John Napier. Kneeling – Doug Rogers

The person on the left in photo 2, and between “Sandy” Sommerville and George Bale in photo 3 is Neville Spalding.

Party at Highland Cottage - circa 1966
Standing (l-r) -  Alex "Sandy" Sommerville, George Bale, Alan "Bex" Bissell, Dave Cann and Bill Pritchard
Seated -  Brian "Chalky" White, Mick Mason and John Napier
Kneeling -  Doug Rogers

Neville Spurling is on the left

Photo 3






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