Former P.C. Richard "Dick" Naylor is one of the young men and women who joined the Bermuda Police in 1971,  50 years ago, and we're delighted that in response to our appeal for input from any of those 69 officers who are still with us, to write and let us know where they are and what they're doing these days,  he is one of the first to do so.


P.C. Richard "Dick" Naylor
Served from 1971 - 1977
Young P.C. Richard Naylor in 1971

I joined the West Yorkshire Constabulary in 1969 and did my training at Pannal Ash just outside Harrogate. On graduating I was posted to Wath upon Dearne which sounded like a  rural area!

On arrival I was told that the largest coking plant in Europe and Manvers Colliery were on my beat, an eye-opener for a country boy but a great place to learn the trade. The local sport seemed to be relieving British Rail of its copper wire and feeding the same coin through the gas meter.

Wath was in Rotherham Division and the Constable who was on radio control at that time was one Derek Smith, (retired as Chief Inspector in St Georges and now sadly passed on I believe) who let slip that he had applied to the Bermuda Police. Having seen my fair share of  the mining industry I thought “not a bad idea.”

On the 5th November 1971, I was on a BOAC Boeing 707 heading for Bermuda where I and the new guys were met by Barrie Meade, taken to Prospect and took the localization course for four weeks.

Western Division - circa 1973
Back Rows (l-r) Dai James, Damian Willcocks, Colin Hopkins, Mike Scully, Ben Linton,

Ishmael Daniels, Peter Counsell & Alan Barker
4th Row - Dave Barber, Chris Bowerman, Keith Melville, Foster Burke,

Donald Grant?, Ryvan Campbell, Clyde "Tango" Burgess
3rd Row - Bill Buchanan, Mike Phillips, Harry Mesham,

Keith Bird, Dick Naylor, Howard Dill
2nd Row - Louis Griffiths, Sgts. Neville Phllips,

Mike Rickards and J.T. Simmons, John Eve
Front Row - COP L.M. "Nobby" Clark, Inspector Hilton Wingood,

and Superintendent Fred "Penny" Bean

Following this I was posted to Western Division with Steve Peterson and took up residence in Barracks on Watford Island. (ideal as I was into boats)  I spent six years out west on general patrol and Divisional Clerk, married  Giovanna an Italian girl in 1976 and we moved to Western Canada in 1977.

I served as a Peace Officer with the City of Calgary until my retirement in 2007.  

Dick and Giovanna take a ferry at Chaa Creek, Belize in 2016


Since then we have spent our time hiking, snowshoeing and travelling. I sail on the west coast and I skied for a few years but the older I got the faster I skied so stopped before I became a statistic.

Dick doing what he loves -  sailing in the Southern Gulf Islands, west coast Canada


This year has been spent dodging the covid virus and hoping for an end to the Pandemic, hopefully things will improve and we can all get back to normality.

All the best to the ExPo crowd.

Richard Naylor (exPC185)

Philip Taylor
I agree with Pointed Stick, that it couldn't be Byron Lewis, but I also believe that Donald Grant was posted in either Eastern or Traffic, never in the West. I also believe that this photo has been published previously and the correct name was provided.Editors note - "Pointed Stick" is correct. It can't be Byron Lewis because he only served from March 1975 - January 1976. The photo is dated circa 1972-1973. We now have 3 copies of this photo, all with captions. In an article about Mike Rickards it has the names "Byron Lewis and Donald Grant?" but no mention of Ryvan Campbell who is standing next to "Tango" Burgess so it looks like someone though it was either or Byron or Donald, but we can now rule out Byron. In the photo called "Which Division is this?" the person standing next to Foster in "Not yet identified" then next to him is Ryvan and Tango.At this point the best bet is for the guy with the reddish moustache to be Donald Grant, and I'll have to check Donald's record in the police register to see if he was working in Western at that time.
Richard Naylor
I maybe a mile off but could he be Barry Walkes?Editors note - I agree with you Dick. It looks like Barry to me.
David O Meara
Hola, hope I'm reading this right, but inthe photo of Wester Div in row 4 he has listed Byron Lewis, Donald Grant?. Does this mean it is one of them! or does the ? mean the next person is unknown. Byron Lewis did not join until March 1975 so Donald Grant is correct.Editors note - I see what you mean Davie. It looks like the guy next to Foster Burke is either Byron Lewis OR Donald Grant. Also the guy between either Byron or Donald, and Clyde "Tango" Burgess is not named and we need to ascertain his name. Can anyone assist?

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