The Royal Gazette (28th April) reports that a man who breached shelter in place curfew rules was fined $2,000 today.

"Denton Paris, 48, pleaded guilty to the offence, which happened yesterday afternoon.

Magistrates’ Court heard that at about 3.40pm police saw Paris, of Sandys, sitting on a wall near the junction of Cambridge Road and Somerset Road in Somerset.

Maria Sofianos, for the Crown, said Paris fled when he saw the officers.

But she added police spotted him in a queue of customers outside Champ’s Variety Store a short time later.

Paris told officers he had gone out to buy groceries, but was told he was not allowed to shop on Mondays.

He added: “That doesn’t apply to that store. You lot are bored.”

Paul Wilson, the duty defence counsel, said Paris was confused about the surname shopping policy because the variety store had not enforced it.

Mr Wilson said: “He went on that day only because the store itself had given him the impression that it was okay.”

Paris denied that he fled from the officers when they first spotted him."


CLICK HERE for the full report in the Royal Gazette

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