No prizes for telling us that this is a poster for one of the annual "Battle of the Brains" quizzes held at the Police Recreation Club in 1970.  These were very popular events, often taking place in front of capacity audiences in the main hall at the PRC.

We wonder if it's possible to identify everyone featured in the poster. Unfortunately,  it isn't the clearest of photos so we have enlarged the different sections to assist as much as possible.

Can anyone advise when the first Police quiz night was held and who was the first quiz master.  It shouldn't be too difficult to figure out who was in charge on this particular evening and who must have assisted him in preparing the questions.

We would also like to know who followed on as quiz master and also went on to do likewise for the annual Brains of Bermuda quizzes.

Sadly, we lost Ron Beech two days ago, and I seem to remember that Ron was an excellent contestant.  Your recollections would be most appreciated.

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