An article in the Royal Gazette (9th Feb 2012) reports that a former Commanding Officer of the Royal Bermuda Regiment, together with a former Police Inspector, and a former Commissioner of St. John's Ambulance Brigade have all been charged in Magistrates' Court with corruption.  The report is as follows:-

"A former commanding officer of the Royal Bermuda Regiment was charged with corruption today.

Lieutenant-Colonel David Curley, 53, appeared in Magistrates’ Court with Gareath Adderley, the former Commissioner of St John Ambulance, and Christopher Clarke, 58, a former police inspector, who were also charged with corruption.

Justin Williams, a lawyer, was also named in four related charges, which included corruption and possession of firearms components.

Yanique Gardener Brown, for the Crown, told the court that Mr Williams, who is overseas, had not yet been served with the indictment.

None of the defendants were required to enter a plea as the case must be heard in the Supreme Court.

Colonel Curley, from Hamilton Parish, is alleged to have asked for a nomination for the Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour so that he could arrange to have Mr Williams appointed as legal adviser to the RBR.

The court heard that Mr Williams was alleged to have procured a Medal of the Order of St John for Colonel Curley in 2015 in exchange for a firearm.

Mr Williams was also alleged, with Mr Clarke and Mr Adderley, to have offered a bribe to Michael Mello in exchange for compounding an offence.

Mr Williams was also charged with possession of firearm components without a valid licence between April 2017 and November 2019, as well as an allegation that he failed to secure a shotgun kept at his Pembroke home between August 2018 and November 2019.

Senior magistrate Juan Wolffe released the three defendants on $5,000 bail.

They are expected to appear again at the April arraignments session in Supreme Court."


CLICK HERE for the rest of the Royal Gazette article

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