Brian White Robinson
Detective Constable 279

Brian was born in Bermuda on 20th November 1957 and resides in Pembroke with his fiancée Sharon Lindo.
At the age of 16 he was working with Sgt Dave Cook’s mother-in law at PW’s Home Centre when it was suggested that he apply to join the police Cadets. There was a bet that he wouldn’t pass the entrance exam but he did! Joining the Cadets with him on 1st January 1976 was Cadet (Pc232) Mervin Dickinson. He served his first months serving the bosses their tea and papers in Admin -   and learning to read upside down!
Brian was transferred to Eastern Division under Chief Inspector Tim Willis and assigned to Sgt Brian Flook’s watch where he was the first Cadet to work shifts and also work as Station Duty Officer on his own.
He commenced Basic Training Course # 21 (11th April – 8th July 1977), an all Bermudian course that produced out of 15 Constables, seven that remained for 25 plus years. Chief Inspector Dave Parsons and Sgt Ian Scotland were two of the instructors.

As a Police Constable 279 Brian served in Central Division alongside Pc. Terry Perry. He was then transferred to the Eastern Division again when the Airport (Station X-ray) commenced.
After passing his Grade 2 driving course under Sgt Roger Kendalland Pc Paul Eurell, he was transferred to Traffic ‘D’ Watch working under Sgts Reese Bartley and John McConnie. Whilst in Traffic he requested a transfer to Motor Cycle Patrol Section (MCPS) “the Mighty Meese” under Sgt. Eddie ’Boxhead’ Foggo, and Pc.166 Ralph Lindo.
Brian served MCPS well, finally being transferred by Insp. Dennis Brookes to Cycle Squad as Acting OIC in 1990 where he served with Pc. 330 Owen Watson Pc.376 Devonish Small, Hatton Phillips and 183 Ken Lewis, he remained in this department under the titles of Cycle Squad, Cycle Crime Unit (CCU) and Vehicle Crime Unit (VCU) with a short stint in Marine Section and Western until his retirement in March 2008. During his time in CS,CCU,VCU he trained many Sgts in the workings of the Unit including the present Commissioner, Michael DESILVA.

During his 32 years on the job Brian says there are several incidents burned into his memory :- The 1977 Riots; being transferred from MCPS to Central ‘D’ Watch under Insp. Custerfield ‘Crock’ Crockwell as punishment; returning to MCPS a year later; the Holiday Inn fire, Richard Hebbard son of  Insp Douglas ‘Red’ Hebberd  tragically shooting himself in front of him; and Hurricane Fabian where, along with Pc. Richard Austin, he was the first to the Causeway at the height of the hurricane, crawling out to where Echo 3 was last seen, and many other incidents too small to mention but still etched in memory.
During his off-duty time Brian has served on the Boxing Section Committee alongside Dave Cook, Eddie Foggo and Reese Bartley He has also served on the Committee of Management of the Police Club.

He has a daughter Whitney Ann who is the granddaughter of the Late Commissioner L.M. ‘Nobby” Clark.  Brian is also grandfather to Khali Grace. Whitney is getting her Masters Degree in Forensic Science and hopes to join the BPS.

Brian and Sharon at a recent Bermie Ex-Po BBQ at Prospect

Since his retirement Brian still assists the Boxing Committee and has now joined the Committee of the Ex-Police Officers Association. He owns BrayD Trucking and enjoys boating and having a “cold one” at the PRC’s .       

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