What was a group of policemen
doing in the Maternity Ward at KEMH?

We wanted you to identify the men in this photograph  - not the Playboy pin-ups!   Who are they, when and where was it taken?

Penny Long has provided the most accurate answers regarding this photograph. Penny says it was taken in the MATERNITY WARD at KEMH on 3rd February 1965, on the day following the BELCO riot. The police officers surrounding the bed were being released after sustaining injuries or being detained for observation resulting from concussion.

Lying in the bed is Penny’s husband P.C. David Long (see his article in our THEN AND NOW column) who suffered neck and back injuries and was detained longer. Also in the photograph are standing (l-r) P.C's Chris Floodgate, Andy Maule, Andy Bermingham, Dave Garland, Tom Hill, “Sleepy” DeSilva, and John Swift. Seated is Colin “Dusty” Hind (please note that smoking is NOT permitted in the Maternity Ward!). Missing from the photograph is Ian Davies who suffered very serious head injuries from which he never fully recovered. We are not sure which copy of Playboy was being displayed above David’s head!

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#1 Davie Kerr 2012-05-22 15:56
As a piece of absolutely useless trivia, Chris Floodgate was my predecessor as PC 56!

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