24 | 05 | 2015


Seeking old friends through our website

Seeking old friends through expobermuda.com

During the past few weeks we have received emails sent to our website from old friends of two of our former Bermuda police officers. In both cases the men writing had lost contact with their friends many years ago but had located their names on our website and wanted to re-establish contact.

One such person was an old school mate of Dave Ashurst by the name of Dave Bagnall from South Africa who went to school with Dave in the Newcastle area, but then returned to his native country in the 1960’s at which time they lost contact.   We were delighted to put them in touch with each other, and Dave reports that they are busy catching up through email and are now searching for another old friend in the UK. 


Dave and Liz Ashurst at a recent Bermuda Expo function

Unfortunately, the second contact was not so successful. Mike Underwood emailed us to try to make contact with Keith Pratt. They had served in the RAF together in Germany during 1957 – 1960 and Mike says they were the best of pals. He remembers Keith as a true and loyal friend and says, “We had some great times together and he was always cheerful and positive. He was liked by everyone." After they were de-mobbed it was Mike who spotted a recruiting advert for the Bermuda Police and he suggested that they both apply. Much to Mike’s disappointment he was turned down without any explanation, while Keith was accepted. They stayed in touch for a few years after Keith arrived in Bermuda but lost contact as their lives progressed. 

Sadly, Keith died in 2000, but we passed Mike’s message on to Keith’s wife Jackie and their daughter Theresa. Mike says Keith was one of the best friends he ever had. He sent his regards to Jackie and Theresa and promised to raise his glass to his dear friend and wish him well.

This photograph (not the clearest we’ve ever published) is of a very young, tall (and quite skinny) Keith with his mate Mike.


Keith and Mike on leave with the RAF in Milan

We should add that Mike’s assessment of Keith character is spot on. Keith was liked by literally everyone in the Police Force. A gentle giant of a man who was a key member of our tug o’ war team, Keith was in charge of the Police Garage for many years and we’ve never heard of a cross word being spoken by him or about him throughout his career.

Sgt Keith Pratt

Dave Ashurst asked us to point out that the website is working well, and he is delighted to have re-established contact with his old school friend.

If you have ever served in the Bermuda Police Service and your name is not on our list of former colleagues (CLICK HERE to view the list) please contact us and let us have your contact details so we can include you.