President of ExPo Bermuda, Calvin Smith


To All Members of the Bermuda Police Service Ex-Police Officers Association, Presidents Holiday Greetings Message

As another year draws to a close and we prepare for a busier holiday period, I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge all the hard work that has been done, and continues to be done, in all corners of EXPO Bermuda. Additionally, I would also like to thank Bermuda Police Service Commissioner Stephen Corbishley, his Senior Command Team, Officers, Reserves and Police Staff for their continued support of the Ex- Police Officers Association.

This has not been the active year that we had planned for with several social events and family visits. Our last formal event, was the January 2020 annual reception at Police Headquarters, Prospect was well attended and enjoyed by all.  

The  news in March 2020, about COVID-19 coronavirus developed into a global health crisis that has managed to change the world. However, our EXPO Executive and Members continued to perform well and assist our colleagues through what soon became a devastating pandemic. This new normal resulted in the reduction of human and personal inter-action and subjected us to the world of the internet and phone calls as our only means of contact. However, this did not completely stop the Executive and Members of EXPO Bermuda from continuing with our mandate.  Early in the year over one dozen EXPO Members volunteered to assist our colleagues in the BPS with island-wide searches for two missing seniors. Roger Sherratt has continued with the upkeep and maintenance of our website, reporting on relevant news stories and where information was received, he updated us on the passing of our colleagues and friends.  More recently, the President, Calvin Smith and other former BPS EXPO members, namely, ACOP Carlton Adams, Supt. Larry Smith, Chief Inspector Hashim Estwick and PC Junior Durrant volunteered to assist as investigators in the Historic Land Loss Commission of Inquiry, while John Skinner continues to work and update his BPS historical research and has had several articles printed in the Royal Gazette reporting on and seeking assistance from the public. See attached links;

On 25 August 2020, the Executive were able to conduct a meeting at the Prospect, Police Club, which reinforced the fact that Covid-19 has placed significant demands/needs on many of our Members and identified the real need to keep in touch with our older members, and to monitor their needs and to offer any assistance where and when required. These efforts are ongoing and I encourage everyone to be mindful of their neighbour and to contact and speak to our members as often as you can.

The Covid-19 pace has been fast, and there seemed to be no sign of it letting up, until now with the introduction and release of a vaccine. While we can’t do much to make our efforts any easier, I can certainly take a moment to say “thank you.” Whatever your contribution as a member/friend of EXPO. Whatever you do to assist our community as a member; whether you volunteer your time helping others or simply make a phone call to say hello. Thank you to each of you for the part you play and the work that you do. The effectiveness of the BPS EXPO and the quality of service delivered to our membership and former colleagues result from the sum of all our efforts. Everything that we do is important, and every contribution is valuable. Our event plans for the year 2021, remain on hold pending any new changes to the present Government Covid-19 Regulations. Notification of any events will be sent out should this change.

This Special Season is a time for reflection. We should remember to be thankful for everything we have, and be mindful of those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Many of our members have been busy demonstrating that spirit of giving and caring for each other over the past nine months and will continue throughout this season.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone and apologies if I did. Congratulations and very well done to each of you for such strong demonstrations of community spirit and dedication to the BPS, EXPO and public service. 

I wish everyone and your families a happy and safe holiday, and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year. 

Cal Smith
President, ExPo

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