Bermuda's House of Assembly held a virtual sitting yesterday during which Premier Devid Burt reported that saliva tests for Covid-19 could be introduced here in Bermuda in the next few weeks - and would be less complicated than present methods that can be very uncomfortable.


This morning's Royal Gazette (23rd May) reported the follow:- 

Saliva tests for Covid-19 could be introduced in the next few weeks, MPs heard yesterday.

David Burt, the Premier, said that he hoped the procedure — less complicated than present methods — would be operational “as quickly as possible”.

He told a virtual sitting of the House of Assembly that the new tests were discussed at a health advisory council meeting on Thursday.

Mr Burt said: “One of the things of which we’re actually looking to advance is the saliva testing, which they’re doing in other places, which can use the similar PCR equipment to what we have but can actually detect virus through a saliva sample, versus the PCR test where you have to go up the nose.”

He explained: “In this particular instance this is something that could be more widely available, could be something that is easier, and my directive to that group was to get that up and running as quickly as possible, so the target which they had is three weeks and I said I would like to see if we can get it done in ten days, let’s figure out exactly what are the parameters around this and let’s get ready, because that can help us scale up our testing.”

CLICK HERE for more in depth coverage on the House of Assmbly meeting in the Royal Gazette.

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