This is the second photograph we received recently from the same era as our last "Who, Where and When" photo but not from the same source.  Sadly, one of the guys in this one, former Sgt Crawford "Crow" Rae  recently made headlines under our Latest News column when we heard of his death in Scotland, and we had been searching for photos of him. We received this photo from retired Inspector Mike Burke who kindly provided us with several photos of Crow who had been a good friend of his.

We figured that if you can help out with this one you should also be able to assist in identifying all the guys in khaki uniforms in the other one at

We pointed out that there is a dog included in the photo just as there is in the other photo and we wanted to know if they were one and the same canine?

There are very few guys left who could assist with identifying this group so we asked Mike to help us out and he provided us with the names below. And just to prove that Mike is still as sharp as a tack he was able to provide us with the name of the dog, "Bashful" who belonged to Ken Goosey who is at top left. Many thanks to Mike.

The St. George's Boys - 1958.
   Standing (l-r) Ken Goosey, Peter Morgan, Mike Burke, Mike Stavely, John ("Tiny" "Wakey") Wakefield,
Joe Colton, John D. Piefinch, and Charlie Seabourne
Kneeling -   Bob Roberts, Crawford (Crow) Rae, Bill ("Spider") McKenzie, Trevor Nichols, Ray Norwood.


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#5 Davie Kerr 2019-11-05 18:54
I'll go with Terry on his first 3 ID's, but can't help with the rest as they were before my time!
Could that be Neville Darrell, extreme right, back row?

Editors note - Definitely not Neville Darrell. I thought it might be Fred Aubrey but I was wrong. Will try to publish all these names in the next 48 hours before I go to KEMH for hip surgery.
#4 terry 2019-11-05 16:09
Eastern side looking south of the barracks St. George.
I mentioned this prior.
You sleeping Roger?

Editors note - Thanks Terry. The problem is not sleeping- it's lack of sleeping! I'm scheduled for hip replacement surgery in the next few days and struggling with the pain. Will probably be out of action for at least a week after the surgery so please be patient while I'm a patient!
#3 terry 2019-10-23 15:05
Quoting terry:
Richard Gorbutt 4th from right back row.

Take that back.
Joe Colton.
#2 terry 2019-10-20 11:46
Richard Gorbutt 4th from right back row.
#1 terry 2019-10-19 15:52
Crawford Rae, Bill the Spider and Mike Burke I can see clearly.
They must have been the three Muskrats back then.....

Editors note - Good start Terry. Can anyone assist with the rest?

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