Ship Ahoy!

There were no prizes for guessing which department is featured in this photo although you might have needed an eyesight test to discern the name of the boat!  We wanted to know the names of the "crew",  when was it taken, and of course, the name of the boat, and  we  provided you with a blow-up of the officers standing in the stern for those with vision challenges!

Fortunately,  we have a first-hand account from a member of the Marine Section crew who was on board the White Heron that day and who also kindly provided us with the photograph -  Paul Cranage.  Paul tells us that it was, of course, the White Heron which he had personally worked on for 4 months with Sonny Loader doing a total refit of her.  Paul doesn't think this particular photograph ever made the Police Magazine,  but he tells us that it was definitely taken by  Paul Farrell (see below), as the crew were doing a "sail by" to the south of Long Island.  Paul also took photos of the "fleet" at the same time and he will try to locate this other photograph.

As for the date, Paul says it was taken around 1981-1982.  We are not sure of the date and will try to narrow it down, but Terry Cabral recalls that Kevin Hamilton was still working in Marine Section when Terry was transferred there in 1981, and it was definitely taken prior to August 1983 when Paul Farrell tragically died.  

The names listed in the caption are as given by Paul Cranage.

Ship Ahoy!
White Heron and crew (regulars and reserves) do a "sail by"
to the south of Long Island -  circa 1981-1982
On the bow taking salute  -  Sgt Gerry Ardis
Back row (l-r) P.C's Paul Cranage, Kevin Hamilton, Philip Every, RPC Douglas Mackenzie
Front row -  Peter Borland, RPC Scott Carswell, Perry Fox, RPC Peter Holmes, and Andy Fielding


Paul Farrell
Paul was an excellent photographer who served in CRO as a photographer
and fingerprint officer from 1969 until his untimely death in 1983

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