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We were sure you would know what brought this group together for many years around the Island, always enhancing the good name of the Bermuda Police both at home and abroad.  But we wanted to make sure we can remember the names of all those who participated, so I published the colour photo below and asked if you could name each person, and perhaps tell us when the photograph was taken.

It is, of course the Police Choir and we had no problem identifying everyone in this first photo, thanks to several of our colleagues including Phil Taylor and "Brinky" Tucker.   There was several questions about other members of the choir so we have added two extra photos and would be delighted if you can assist us in naming everyone in the two addtional photos, and maybe providing the year of location when they were taken.  To avoid any confusion we wil lable the first photo "A" and the next two "B" and "C".

Brinky provided us with the following information about Photo "A

Front row, left to right ..Adrian King, Sinclair White, Anthony "Sonny"
Roberts, Reese Bartley, Dai James, Cecil Smith (Director) Willy Bourne,
Michael Phillips, John Harvey, Lenny Edwards.
Middle row. L to R... Dennis Ramsay, Cal Christopher, Norrell Hull, Wayne
Perinchief, Westmore Bean, St. Clair "Brinky" Tucker.
Back Row. L to R... Lyn Hall, U/K, Allan Lister, Hilton Wingood, Leon Bean,
Charles Williams, Howard Dill and U/K.
Picture taken in front of the Hamilton Cathedral. Date u/k.

I hope my assistance helps.

Bermuda Police Choir   (Photo 'A'}
Back rows (l-r)   1 Dennis Ramsay ,  2 Lynn Hall, 3 Cal Christopher, 4 Bob Anthony, 5 Norrell Hull, 
6 Allan "Harry" Lister, 7 Wayne Perinchief,  8 Hilton "Jellybean" Wingood, 9 Leon "Big Toe" Bean,
10 Charles "Bongo" Williams, 11 Howard Dill, 12 Ken McDowall, 13  Westmore Bean,  14 St. Clair "Brinky" Tucker, 
Front row -   15  Adrian King, 16 Sinclair "Sinky" White,  17 Sonny Roberts,  18 Reese Bartley, 19 Dai James, 
20 Cecil Smith (Conductor),   21  Willie Bourne,  22  Michael Spurgeon Phillips,  
23 John Harvey,  24 Lennett "Lennie" Edwards
Bermuda Police Choir  (Photo 'B')
Bermuda Police Choir (Photo 'C')
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