Karate Anyone?

We didn't offer a prize for guessing that these guys were into Karate, but with a little help from quite a few of you we have now successfully identified everyone in the photo with the exception of the civilian who I know to be Mark Tailford who was a karate instructor.  The group were all members of the Police Karate Club and the photo was taken in 1973. Their names are listed below.

Police Karate Club - 1973
Top Row (l-r)  Dave Cooper, Les {Paul) Brown, Jim Fullerton, Frank Dublin,
Bob McDonagh, Robert "Bob" Payne, Norman Ingemann
Kneeling -  Dave Ashurst, Ralph Saints, Ian Sanders, Mark Tailford, and Malcolm Hinds
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#7 wayne robinson 2014-01-24 14:44
I m suprised my class mate. Course 15 Kevin Sugrue PC 118 wasnt on this photo he was a black belt and hard as nails .I supposed he must have left by now .
#6 Terry 2014-01-22 12:34
Figured that's whom they were Roger just left them out to see if the younger crew would get them.
I have snow to shovel.

Editors note - Thanks Terry, but please don't mention shovelling snow or anything to do with the arctic weather conditions. It makes we Bermudians almost want to shiver!
#5 Dave O Meara 2014-01-22 11:36
Top row in blue, could that be Frank Dublin?
Lower row far left, Dave Ashurst! then Ralph Saints!
Dave O'

Editors note - Spot on Dave. We're almost there!
#4 Gerry 425 2014-01-22 10:18
Back Row - Dave Cooper, Les Brown, Jim Fullerton, Frank Dublin, Bob 'Spare Parts' McDonagh and Norman Ingemann.
Front Row - No Idea, Ralph Saints, Ian saunders (I think) civvy but can't rememberhis name and possibly Jerome Simons, best guess.

Editors note - You started off brilliantly Gerry and correctly named everyone on the top row except the guy between "Spare Parts" and Norman. You ran out of steam on the bottom row. Yes to Ralph and Ian, no to Jerome Simons, and very surprised that you have no idea who is on the far left of the front row. You may find yourself chatting to him at our Expo Cocktail Party on 25th January (2014)!
#3 Peter Brown 2014-01-22 07:44
Back row second left is Les Brown,second from right is Bob Payne and 3rd from right I think is Bob McDonough.

Editors note - Thanks Peter. That's a 10/4. Les (Paul) Brown worked for a while as H.E's driver. Bob spelled his surname McDonagh.
#2 Don Urquhart 2014-01-21 17:12
Not a very inspiring start as I can only ID one or two but it is a starter from down under,

Dave Cooper top left, with Eddie Davis necxt to him. Is that Jim Fullerton next to Eddie? How the memory fades after 37 years!

Don Urquhart
Sydney NSW Australia

Editors note - Thanks for the try Don. It's not Eddie Davies between Dave Cooper and Jim Fullerton.
#1 Terry 2014-01-21 17:08
Lets see......
Dave Cooper, Governor's Driver, James Fullerton, Mc Somebody, Iknow, Ingeman, I think I know, Ralph the Lunch Wagon, no clew, Hillier?, Hindzie....
Pretty close.

Editors note - Good start Terry. Will give you a five for now. You'll give yourself a karate kick when you realize who the guy is on the front row far left and the guy in the middle top row in the blue track suit!

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