New Recruits

We had just received this photograph  which was clearly a bunch of new recruits  fresh off the boat (or rather, the plane). 

We had a great response and now know for sure that this is the group who arrived in Bermuda on 23rd and 25th June 1970. 

With assistance from a veriety of sources we have been able to identify everyone in the photo, seemingly for sure, except the guy between Pat Hathaway and “Paddy” Ackroyd,  who by a process of elimination must be Mick Collingridge who came out with this group. 

Ray Bell mentions that he believes 25 came out with his group, including Steve Peterson,  but Steve is missing from the photo and is also not included in our Master List of police officers by date of joining. 

Would anyone know how we can contact Steve Peterson and Mick Collingridge to clear up these two queries? 

Batch of New Recruits  -  June 1970
Back row (l-r)  Bruce Bingley, Barry Higham, John Bradford, Colin Mackenzie,
Reg "Buster" Brown,Roy "Hong Kong" Haynes,Mick Cresswell, and Paul Hendrick.
Middle row -  Pat Hathaway, Mick Collingridge?, Ian "Paddy" Ackroyd, Gwilym Williams,
Richard “Dick” Coulthard,John "Gypsy" Jake Stimson, Ian Fraser, Mick Goode.
Front Row  -  Stewart Holmes, Frank Martin, Stan Parr, Malcolm "Ted Loon" Irvine,
Jim McInnes, Ray Bell, Bill Cree, and Roger Hind. 

Paul Hendricks emailed us on 4th November 2013 with the following information:-

This is my course which arrived on the Island 23rd and 25th June 1970.
I know Colin Mackenzie back row 4th from the left can name them all as can Davey Kerr. After Colin is Buster Brown, 'Hong Kong' Hathaway, Mike Cresswell and then myself   
Back row second front the left Barry Higham 
Middle row from the left 3rd is Ian Ackroyd, G Williams, Dick Coulthard  ? ?  Mike Goode
Front row  last three from the left  Ray Bell, Bill Cree, Roger Hind 


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#15 Bob Porter 2015-09-18 20:17
Sorry I have only just seen this photo.
I have to correct everyone (even Davie!?)
Mick Collingridge is actually on the end of the front row next to Frank Martin(not Stuart Holmes). I am certain that Steve Peterson came after me. I arrived 14 Oct '70.

Editors note - Many thanks Bob. I'm off Island on vacation at the moment but will check the records I have on my return. Perhaps Davie and Steve Peterson can comment in the meantime.
#14 Doug Proctor 2015-03-07 13:33
Just seen the above photo of the June 1970 intake (2 years before me) and saw a picture of Mick Creswell.

Mick and I were good friends and served together on the same watch at St Georges, with Sgt. Arthur Bean. Mick and I went to a 'nurses' party in Devonshire, on Micks motor bike, in 1972. Mick left the party early, on his motorbike, and was sadly killed on the Causeway on his way home.

My wife, Finola, was one of the nurses at the party and we married in 1974. Always remember the sad day when Arthur Bean, Inspector Pete Stubbs and I cleared out Micks apartment in St Georges after his death. We also met Micks family at a Memorial Service for Mick in St Peters Church, St Georges. Mick was so full of life, loved music and was a good friend. R.I.P.

Editors note - Many thanks for writing about this very sad loss to the Bermuda Police and to Mick's family. Will see if I can find a photo of Mick at Police HQ in their personnel file.
#13 Colin Mackenzie 2013-12-13 18:09
Roger, funny thing with Buster Brown and me. Both from Sussex Police and talked before leaving for Bda, could not believe that we had been selected. We thought a mistake made in selecting us. As Buster said to me, in his own way, "Bollacks, mate. I'm on my way. See you at the airport!" As it happened, no mistakes made.
Buster was a character.
#12 Bob Porritt 2013-12-09 18:10
Anybody know what happened to Mick Goode. Did he marry local girl named Sherry. He was from West Midlands.
#11 Davie Kerr 2013-11-16 04:47
Roger, I could be wrong, but I have absolutely no recollection of any photos being taken of our localisation course which ran from 21 Nov 66 to 02 Dec 66. Could you please check if any such photos were taken, and if so could one be published on this site?

Editors note - I seem to recall that in the 1960's photographs were taken of all basic training courses but not usually for the 2 week localisation courses. Will check at HQ but does anyone else recall if such a photo was taken of Davie's course?
#10 Terry 2013-11-10 11:44
Quoting Terry:
I would like an email regarding the 'lists' also.
Editors note - Have sent copies of the lists to Terry. We hope to publish them soon but have some issues with privacy to resolve.

Thank you Roger for the lists.
I found it amazing that even many from the 50's I remember.
When I worked in Admin it was part of my job to keep the old and new books up to date with typed inserts on present and past Officers (quite a painstaking enterprise.

Big thick black binders. After a while they were archived and recent years were kept.

I shall keep the lists to myself re your comment on privacy.

#9 Terry 2013-11-09 16:24
I would like an email regarding the 'lists' also.
Editors note - Have sent copies of the lists to Terry. We hope to publish them soon but have some issues with privacy to resolve.
#8 Davie Kerr 2013-11-08 18:02
I think the missing man could be Mick Collingridge, as (thanks to Coop's list) I know he came with that crew.
Having said that, I've re-checked the list and I only see 24 names shown as having joined on the dates in question, so, as there are 24 lads in the photo, I have to assume they're all present and correct!
#7 Terry 2013-11-08 12:36
Sounds like the old Senior list.
I am sure Happy was not the first Sergeant with the numeral 1.
Looking forward to viewing it.

One thing Davie can't say is that he remembers the ones that have not been posted or he has memories off.


Editors note - There are hundreds of people missing from the list, especially from the earliest days, and we have no way of knowing what if any numbers they were assigned. Hope to get the list posted soon.
#6 Davie Kerr 2013-11-07 12:31
Roger, I'd LOVE to get my hands on a copy of that list from Coops, especially if it includes shoulder numbers: any chance you could ask him to e-mail me a copy, please?

Editors note - Davie, we actually have 2 lists from Dave Cooper. The most extensive one is 77 in length and contains hundreds of names of former Bermuda police officers listed by their joining date, and also includes their last day of service and the rank they attained. It is ideal for checking on who joined with whom. It also lists their Force number in some cases, mainly since the 1950's, and includes "Happy" Duerden who had the distinction of beinbg "Number 1".

The other list is in name order but only contains their full name and their dates of birth - no other details other than male or female!

We are making enquiries to see if we can post both lists on the website for all to view but in the meantime I will send you both lists by emails in hopes that your computer has the capacity to accept them (they are very large files).

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