Riot Squad in training

Apologies first for the delay in trying to sort out this photo.  This was a difficult one, partly because Riot Squads are supposed to be neatly lined up, but these guys are all over the place!

Many thanks to Terry Cabral for providing us with the photo which he also has displayed on his Facebook.  Terry advises that it was taken at Police Headquarters in 1977 while he was working in Admin, and that it was a great bunch of lads who were taking a break from Riot Training.

We have a few disputes about who is who, but here goes with what I believe are the closest answers so far:-

The Boys in Blue take a break!

Photo 1

(Upper l-r)  John Baxter, Tony Smith, Steve Petty, John Lynchwade, Leonard “Shinah” Simons,  originally believed to be Carlton Adams but now confirmed as Ralph Furbert  (see comments below),  George Rushe,  Gerald Fletcher.  It’s almost impossible to believe Carlton in uniform, but Terry believed that he had just been promoted and was back in uniform for a while.  We have subsequently checked with Carlton who tells us that he had not yet been promotoed when this photo was taken in 1977.  He was promoted in 1979 and he also  assures us that it is definitely not him in the photo.  Ralph Furbert has now contacted us and says he is the person in this photo.

(Lower) Roger Kendall, Reg “Buster” Brown (resting), either Hensley Herrodeus George or Chris Graham-Ward on the bumper with Ronnie Smith?  Louis Griffiths, and Barrie Meade.

Photo 2

(Upper l-r )   Paul Burch, Steve Perinchief, Ken Lewis, Chris Spencer on roof, Bernie Pitman, Jeff Payne, Barry Walkes, Andy Fielding, Kevin Hamilton, has to be Alan Barker with moustache, Steve Peterson, Reggie Horseman.

(Lower)  Earlston Thompson, Laurie Phillips, Terry Cabral, Stuart Innes, and Richard Basden.

We can, of course be wrong with a few names.  Terry can you let us know who has been identified on your Facebook photo and whether we are close?  There was a suggestion the person we identify as Alan Barker might be Dave King but we will check that with Alan Barker in Nova Scotia.

Many thanks to everyone who gave their input.  


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#20 Terry 2014-01-17 15:49
The issue is settled Roger.
I knew it was Ralph all along but wanted to see the comments and back and forth and interaction between ones that view this site.
Your always talking about making minds work.

Irony is that it did and some seeked out others and related to the photo.

Once a cop; always a cop.

Happy January.
#19 Ralph Furbert 2014-01-16 12:10
That is definitely I behind Shinah Simons. Cheez, how time flies. They getting Socky and I confused because of the Afros, but that is my Widows peek...

Ralph Furbert 265

Editors note - Many thanks for your prompt reply Ralph.

One thing for sure, this photo was taken almost 40 years ago and our memories tend to fade with age. If none of us had any problems recognizing our friends and colleagues in old photos then there would be no point in publishing our "Who, Where and When" column. We would like to think that this issue is now settled.
#18 Terry 2014-01-15 16:33
As an addendum Mr. Sherratt I never said "riot training".
We were on 'standby' on shifts.
#17 Terry 2014-01-15 15:55
Thus that is why Carlton is wearing a shirt and tie under his issued 'riot' overalls.

We had CID officers present and whatever they were doing during this intrim.
That is Socky Adams.

Editors note - Terry is clearly convinced that it is Carlton Adams despite the fact that Carlton says it is definitely not him, and at least two others people are positive that it is Ralph Furbert, and not Carlton Adams. In order to resolve this matter I contacted Ralph by phone and email this morning 16/1/14 and asked him to check out the photo and let us know who he thinks it is.
#16 Davie Kerr 2014-01-15 05:00
I'm with Goat on ID'ing Ralph Furbert.
#15 Terry 2014-01-14 13:11
Quoting Carlton Adams:
Gentlemen, neither of the individuals pictured is me. I was not promoted until 79

With all respect Carlton, what does your 1979 promotion have to do with the photo.
I see no insignia of rank.

Editors note - With all respect Terry, it was you who raised the issue of Carlton's promotion in the first place (check your previous message). You advised that this photo was taken in 1977 and that Carlton had just been promoted and had gone back into uniform. Carlton is merely pointing out that he was not in uniform in 1977 because he was not promoted until 1979. I have also spoken with him personally about this photo and he is certain that the guy on top of the vehicle is definitely not him. Is it possible that Phil was correct?
#14 Carlton Adams 2013-11-05 08:21
Gentlemen, neither of the individuals pictured is me. I was not promoted until 79
#13 Terry 2013-10-02 16:34
Of course you would Phil.
That was your mission in life.
Bawahaaaaaaa :P
#12 Phil Taylor 2013-09-30 14:26
No way is that Socky on the roof of the Land Rover, I would bet the house on Ralph Furbert.
#11 Terry 2013-09-25 11:13
Gerry Fletcher is standing to the right of George Rushe.

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