Fresh off the Plane - September 1966 

(l-r)  Top Row - Bob Roberts, John Graham, Les Brown, Brian Kent, John "Coco" Eve,
Les "Bloodnut" Tomlinson, Dennis Brookes, Alan Keagle, Alan White, Dave "Big Joe" Needham
Bottom Row - Pat McBride, Dave "Cookie" Cook, Ian Mitchell, Fred Church, and Vic Richmond

There were no prizes for guessing where this photo was taken because we obviously have a batch of new recruits arriving fresh off the plan at the airport.  But what a group of recruits they were.  These 15 young men arrived in September 1966 and many went on to make a significant impact on the Bermuda Police Force, none more so that Pat McBride who was instrumental in creating are Boxing Section,  our highly successful Tug of  War Team, and the Annual Mini-Marathon (see separate articles on all three of these activities as kindly provided by Patrick.  We asked readers if they could tell us how many of the 15 remained in Bermuda and are still here today.  The answer is 4.  They are John Graham,  Dennis Brookes, Dave "Cookie" Cook (our Bermie Expo Secretary) and Vic Richmond.

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#2 Davie Kerr 2012-12-20 16:38
Date would I think be 05 Sep 66, as this crew was 10 weeks in front of my crew.
#1 Davie Kerr 2012-12-20 16:37
The only 3 still on the island are Denis Brookes, Dave Cook and Vic Richmond, but I think one of them will probably have told you that by now!
Back row from L:- Bob Roberts 259, John Graham 142, Les Brown 87, Brian Kent 178, John 'Coco' Eve 130, Les 'Bloodnut' Tomlinson 224, Denis Brookes 72, Alan Keagle 169, Alan White 227, Dave 'Big Joe' Needham 193.
Front row from L:- Pat McBride 256, Dave Cook 258, Ian 'Abey' Mitchell 188, Fred Church 115, Vic Richmond 200.

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