At latest reported on BERNEWS Hurricane Paulette  is rapidly bearing down on Bermuda bringing with it high winds of 85 mph and more in gusts. It is more than likely that we will soon be experiencing power outages across the Island so this will probably be our last posting until Paulette has completely passed us.

Here is the latest summary of the situation as reported on BERNEWS

Bernews summary as of 11.30pm, Sun Sept 13:

  • BWS issue Hurricane Warning 
  • Closest approach currently forecast to be at 6am on Mon, with winds expected to start on Sunday afternoon. Will be a long storm
  • Max sustained winds are near 85 mph [140 km/h] with higher gusts.
  • Govt Shelter at CedarBridge opened at 3pm on Sunday
  • Tynes Bay closed at 5pm on Sunday
  • Airport closed at 6pm on Sunday
  • Buses stopped at 7pm on Sunday
  • Causeway is now closed
  • Schools/College will be closed Monday and Tuesday.
  • All Govt buildings will be closed on Monday & Tuesday.
  • Emergency Broadcast Station 100.1FM available
  • Duration of hurricane winds forecast to be 7 hours, from Mon 3am to 10am

 CLICK HERE for active update by BERNEWS

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