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The Royal Gazette published an article this evening (17th August 2020) reporting the news that two serving police officers have tested positive for Covid-19. The articlew reports the following:-

"Two police officers have come down with Covid-19, it was revealed tonight.

A police spokesman said one of the officers tested positive after returning from overseas and the other may have contracted the coronavirus on the island.

He added: “Both officers remain under mandatory quarantine and are also being closely monitored by the health authorities. 

“Additional cleaning of facilities has taken place, with the assistance of a professional cleaning company.”

The spokesman said contact tracing for the two had started and officers who had been in contact with them had been tested.

He said the police contacts were “awaiting their results, which are expected to be received within the next 24 hours”.

CLICK HERE for the full article in the Royal Gazette.


Editors note -  To the best of our knowledge there has been one other report of a serving police office testing positive for Covid-19 who made a complete recovery, and we are aware of one of our ExPo members who tested positive for Covid -19 on returning to the Island from abroad but was asymptomatic and was later tested and proved negative.  The latter person prefers  to remain anonymous. We are not aware of any other members living abroad who have tested positive.

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